5 Steps to Creating a Successful Corporate Gifting Strategy

a person receiving a corporate gift

If you’re looking for ways to improve your relationships with clients, partners, or employees, you’ve probably come across a strategy called corporate gifting. It may sound too simple – can offering presents really do that much for your company? – but there’s science behind why thoughtful gifting can help strengthen professional relationships. Research shows that…

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8 Smart Ways to Save On Holiday Expenses

a team opening gifts at the office

While often regarded as the most wonderful time of year, the holiday season is also an expensive spot on the calendar. Whether you’re buying for the office, family, or friends, there is hope for keeping your holiday expenses down when it comes to gatherings, gifts, food and beyond. Consider these tips from the money-saving experts…

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A Quick Guide To Corporate Gifting For New Businesses

giving a corporate gift

As a new business, one thing you might not be too familiar with, but something you must do is to give gifts to other corporate companies and clients. For one, this can help build better and more meaningful professional relationships among colleagues in the industry and establish loyalty among your customers. However, giving a corporate…

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4 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

a gift wrapped present

Why Should You Start Your 2022 Holiday Shopping Early? Shoppers have caught an early eye on the holiday season. Shopping early for Christmas is now the wise decision to take. With budgets getting tighter by the months and interest rates soaring, hunting for Christmas gifts, especially for men, is now necessary. Inflation is not the…

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6 Amazing Ways To Say “Congratulations on Your Retirement!”

Reaching retirement is perhaps one of the most exciting celebrations in one’s life. For the individual retiring, it’s the culmination of years of hard work and one last big milestone. And there are so many ways to say congratulations. For the colleagues and co-workers of the individual, it’s a fond farewell, rife with gratitude for…

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Defeat the Holiday Tech Shortages by Re-gifting Your Used Tech

This year, holiday tech shortages are hindering holiday shopping, and shopping early isn’t the only way to get what you need. Holiday shipping windows are getting smaller with a 30% slowdown anticipated for first-class mail.  Freight deliveries are also taking longer with 83% longer shipping times from China to the U.S.  50% of people have…

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3 Perfect Gifts for Employees During the Pandemic

It has been a crazy year! A year in which working from home became the standard and celebrating the holiday abroad was no longer an option. Also 2021 will be a little different this year… Unfortunately due to all restrictions, we can’t celebrate it together with all our loved ones. A big disappointment for all…

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Exploring the Ethical Dilemmas of Corporate Gift Giving

During the last holiday season, The Ladders published an article citing research on the motivational benefits of gift giving in the workplace. A survey by the Advertising Specialty Institute showed that 42% of employers gave gifts to their employees. When you are looking for ways to motivate your staff, you should show appreciation and reward…

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The ROI of Promotional Product Giveaways

You may have seen them before. As a consumer, you may have been given one and probably even have it still lying around at home—a pen, notebook, tote bag, umbrella, or any such object that bears a company’s name and logo. Sometimes, you may even see them given out as a prize for a first-…

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