The Fragility of Receptivity

In John David Mann’s and my Go-Giver book series we discuss the fifth and final law, that of Receptivity and how challenging it can be for so many. In one sense, the abundance of lack messages permeating our daily lives can create a focus on what is missing rather than on all the natural prosperity…

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Missing the Communication Target


I’ll never forget when an early business mentor told me, “Burg, when the shooter misses the target…it ain’t the target’s fault.” The older I get, and the more I study influence and communication, the more correct I believe he was. How often do we try and get our point across but fail? It seemed that…

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True Wisdom and False Lessons

As the Sages taught, “Who is wise? The one who learns from all others.” How often do we learn from an experience or a teaching but rather than stopping at the actual wisdom, take the lesson to a false conclusion?
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The Referral-Based Mechanic

In his new book, Enhanced People Skills, John Terhune tells a great story about bringing his car to his mechanic for servicing (the warranty with his dealership had expired).
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Reverse Scorpions

Many are familiar with the story about the scorpion who asked the frog if he could hitch a ride on his back in order to cross the lake.
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Making the Customer Feel Special

Aside from being excellent at the technical aspect of what we do (without that, the rest simply won’t matter), to the degree that we provide our customers with the kind of exceptional experience that makes them feel good about themselves, that’s the degree to which we will be untouchable in the marketplace.
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When First Becomes Last

Lately we’ve looked at placing other peoples’ interests first and how, far from being self-sacrificial, it’s actually the key to building successful business and personal relationships.
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The Thrivers

I’ve been studying David Neagle’s amazing book, The Millions Within and I think this passage from near the end of the book is one of the most terrific I’ve ever read:
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