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These Are the Highest-Paying Affiliate Programs

By: Hari Babu


These Are the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

It’s always great to know how to make the most dollars per sale, but the affiliate marketing space is a tough and difficult area in which to gain control. Most keywords are taken up by powerful authority sites and it is difficult for a beginner to outrank them.

If you have a built-up audience from your YouTube channel or blogging then you should learn to monetize that audience. You can recommend high-ticket products and hopefully, you can get paid recommending them. Affiliate offers don’t do well if you don’t have traffic.

These highest pay per click affiliates will help you only if you have some level of audience to reach. Ranking for keywords related to many affiliate programs is difficult and it is super competitive. Here are some different categories, from SEO products to Web Designs, email marketing and more.

1. High-Paying SEO Affiliate Programs

SemRush: This program helps find great keywords for your site and search competitor backlinks and keywords. It also gives SEO tips and provides an auditing tool. SemRush helps you get $40 to $160 per active customer per month.

SEO Power Suite: Helps in keyword researching and competitor analysis; searches for link outreach opportunities. It gives around $197 per sale.

LongTailPro: Helps to find long keywords and shows the competitiveness of each keyword. The plans start at $24.99 and checks social signals and backlinks. There is a 30% recurring commission.

2. High-Paying Hostile Affiliate Programs

Liquid Web Commission: Helps in managed WordPress hosting. $125-$900 per sale. Additionally provides 5% recurring commission.

WP Engine: One of the highest-paid affiliate programs. Plans start at $29 per month but you get up to $200, which can go up to $7500. Manages WordPress Hosting services. It is ideal for businesses and individuals. You can also make a $1500 bonus.

SiteGround: Has affordable hosting plans, which makes it very popular. WordPress hosting is also available. Pays up to $125 for a sale.

DreamHost: A popular registrar with WordPress hosting and shared hosting. Plans start at $8.99 per month. It provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth. There are cloud and VPS hosting. It provides $97 per sale.

3. High Paying E-Commerce Affiliate Programs

BigCommerce: This solution allows you to build stores. It provides complete with secure payment, host, converting visitors. $60-$398 per sale.

Shopify: Various plans are available according to your needs. It includes $29, $79, and $299 per month plans. It has a 14-day free trial and is probably the most popular e-commerce store builder. It generates $200 per sale or 20% recurring revenue.

4. High-Paying WebMaster & Themes Affiliate Programs

Thrive Themes: It provides various high-performance WordPress themes. Prices are between $37 and $147. Various other types are Thrive Leads which collects emails. Thrive Architect drags and drops web builder.

StudioPress: It gives SEO optimized WordPress themes with a genesis framework. Many templates to choose from. It provides high-quality visuals. It pays up to $350 or 33% per sale.

Thesis: This one is a competitor for StudioPress. It is clean, fast and high-performance for WordPress. It is easy to build and click and drag. It gives $120 per sale.

5. High-Paying Marketing Tools Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Manager: It is like a human support that manages affiliate programs for businesses. It gives $500 for referring business.

BigMarker: It is a webinar hosting platform. Helps to convert email lists or audience into buyers. 50% or up to $199 per sale.

6. High-Paying Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

ConvertKit: Discovers users’ interests and drops email campaigns accordingly for them to click on. Subscribers have to pay money only once, regardless of the times their name is on the list. Many people have shifted to ConvertKit from other programs. The commission can go up to $600 per month. There is a 30% recurring affiliate income.

Aweber: It is simple to use and is a widely recognized email marketing solution. 30% residual income which can go up to $44 per month per referral.

All in all, for affiliate marketing to work you need a lot of traffic and high-quality blog posts. You need powerful backlinks for keywords. Affiliate programs take patience and require a lot of effort, so giving up cannot be an option if you are pursuing it. They are ideal for people who already have a built-up base of audience through their blogs or channels. For newbies, this kind of marketing can be quite difficult, but ultimately worth the effort.

Published: June 7, 2019

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