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Retargeting 101 for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Simply put, “Retargeting” is the action of displaying a banner ad to a user online that has either been to your website, or has shown intent on your type of product of service.

There are many different types of retargeting: behavior, contextual, site, search and audience extension. The terminology can be overwhelming at first, but we would like to break it down for you and show you how this could benefit your business. According to Digiday, 1 in 5 marketers have set aside budget for retargeting campaigns.
Site Retargeting
Site Retargeting targets two types of people: existing customers you want to bring back to your site, and potential customers who visit your site, but leave without making contact or a purchase. Re-engaging folks that have been to your site often time leads to conversions or an increased awareness of your business.
How Does This Impact My Business?
Most marketers that are doing some type of Digital Marketing (PPC, SEO or Social) drive clients to your website to complete some action. Search Retargeting allows you to capture that audience AGAIN and in a different environment, often times triggering that “Ah-Ha” moment. By engaging in Site Retargeting, you can continue the engagement once a user has left your site, by “bringing them back for more.”
Search Retargeting
Search Retargeting retargets consumers who have searched for your business, product, or service keywords. These users have shown “intent” and can be great prospects. Search Retargeting allows you to leverage your existing PPC keywords and expand to broader terms to engage users in various points of the sales funnel. In a traditional PPC campaign, your keywords are controlled by the landing page that you offer in terms of relevance. In Search Retargeting, a local business can actually target users who have searched on a competitive business in your local market. We think that this is a great companion to a traditional PPC program.
How Does Search Retargeting Impact My Business?
Unlike Site Retargeting, where a user has to have been to your site, Search Retargeting identifies users who are in the process of searching for businesses like yours. You have the ability to target users BEYOND the search engine and find new audiences for your product and services. Moreover, you have the ability to move higher cost PPC terms to search retargeting at a much lower rate than a traditional PPC campaign.
Behavioral & Contextual Targeting
Behavioral (or BT) and Contextual Targeting allows you to serve display ads to users who are engaged in content that compliments your business. Local nurseries can target users on Home & Garden type sites, local mechanics can target users on automotive forums or repair sites.
How does this Impact My Business?
You know who you customer is. You know the typical “profile” of your ideal customer. Contextual or BT allows you to present your message through a banner ad on websites that compliment your business and match the web habits of your identified customer.
Social Retargeting
Knowing that Facebook is one of the most popular, highly used websites in the world, Facebook retargeting allows you to retarget users on Facebook after they have been on site. These ads are DIFFERENT than traditional “Facebook” Ads in that you aren’t targeting a specific profile, instead you have the ability to retarget users who have been on your site. Low cost, easily viewed in both the News Stream as well as the right column of ads, FBX advertising allows you to engage your audience while they are socializing with others.
How Does Social Retargeting Impact My Business?
Social Retargeting allows you to retarget those users who do not already “like” your Facebook page and/or brand. FBX targeting is typically lower in costs and allows you the flexibility to run multiple creative and/or campaign initiatives.
Ready to continue the conversation and learn more about different ways you can retarget your customers? Contact Digishopgirl Media today .
This article was originally published by DigiShopGirl
Published: November 19, 2013

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