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I’ll Have a Whole Milk No-Foam Web Site (With Whipped Cream)

By: Debi Lewis


When you stand in line at your local coffee house, you probably have your order already in your head. You know what kind of drink, what kind of milk, and what size you want—and whether there are any extras you usually like, too. The person in front of you who gets to the counter and fumbles through a drink order, not sure of anything, slows down the line and clearly isn’t prepared.

Don’t be that person when it’s time to build your organization’s web site! Think ahead about what you’ll want so that when you approach your web designer/developer/barista, you’re ready to order. Here’s a handy infographic to help remind you of what’s involved:
Web Site
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This article was originally published by JebraWeb
Published: February 6, 2014

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Debi Lewis

Debi Lewis is the owner and lead consultant at Jebraweb, a web development firm on the north shore of Chicago. After many years of internet consulting in a variety of industries, Debi decided to focus her attention—and her company—on the online presence of mission-driven companies and non-profit organizations. Jebraweb brings more than fifteen years of web development and consulting experience to every countertop, coffeehouse, warehouse, conference room, and living room where we meet our clients. Our hope is that good web sites become accessible to all businesses and organizations, that technologies that sound overwhelming become as easy to understand as a business card, and that our clients walk away feeling that they are in good hands. You can connect with Debi and Jebraweb on our Facebook page, via Twitter, or by reading our blog.

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