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How to Get Verified on Social Media

By: Usman Raza


How to Get Verified on Social Media

A verified account, page, or profile is essential for brands, businesses, public figures and organizations that are on different social media platforms. It gives more credibility, which translates to trust and legitimacy of an entity.

Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and others provide a checkmark that is either blue or grey, indicating that it is a verified account. Instagram started this trend; it is to identify which account belongs to a celebrity or a public figure, avoiding fake accounts of brands, businesses, personalities, etc.

From that time, the trend has evolved. Since digital marketing ventured into social media, many considered it a form of marketing strategy to catch attention from followers, customers, and consumers.

Why is it Important to Get Verified in Social Media

In recent years, a verified account had limited access by social media platforms, with vague criteria. Lately, some of these platforms are allowing applications for this badge of proof. This badge is offered to people of status such as celebrities, businesses, influencers, brands and is not available to ordinary profiles and accounts.

Having that badge of proof on an account, profile or page provides legitimacy and trustworthiness. It is frequently considered a status symbol for social media profiles, pages, and accounts.

There is a group of people who work on this, and they are called the SMVT or the Social Media Verification Team. One of the most popular SMVTs is thesocialmediaverificationteam.com which provides Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram verification and a Twitch verified badge. There are other SMVTs who offer the same services for different social media platforms.

Considering that the internet became the mode of communication and socialization since the dawn of the new millennium, it has provided a cheaper method of advertisement to any entity in the world wide web. The reach of a single product or an influencer can get global in a matter of minutes. For this reason, it is important to obtain the checkmark on profiles or accounts.

How to get Verified on Different Social Media Platforms

There are different ways social media platforms verify accounts, which is not an easy process. This is primarily to avoid any criminal activities online through the use of another person, business, or brand’s identity.

Requirements differ between social media platforms, which need to be fulfilled to obtain that checkmark.


FB has two identifying colors for a verified account. A grey check mark signifies that a business establishment is legitimate while the blue check mark separates accounts that belong to brands, influencers, public personalities, media outfits, celebrities, religious organizations, etc.

How to get verified:

  • FB account should be up-to-date
  • The profile must be filled out
  • Recent profile photo
  • Regular and consistent postings for a period

When this is done, you can then fill out the Request a Verified Badge form from Facebook and fulfill all requirements.


Out of all these social media platforms, Instagram is the most selective when it comes to verification. The reason for this is due to impersonators who might take advantage of famous personalities and brands.

Here are three ways to get that badge from Instagram:

  • Establish a following
  • Post images that are relevant and engaging
  • Add all necessary information about you, your business, or brand establishing its authenticity and proving it is an official account.

By doing this consistently, over time, Instagram may automatically give you that blue check mark even without you noticing.


In Twitter’s case, the verified account is like a status symbol. If you are not involved in the music industry, entertainment world, politics, media (mainstream), sports, an influencer or other vital interests, there is no chance you can have their seal of approval.

But for those who still aspire to have a verified account, you can even give it a shot by having a:

  • Header photo
  • Bio
  • Profile photo
  • Legitimate contact number
  • Public tweets that are in accordance with their privacy settings
  • A verified email address
  • Birthday
  • Website

If you think you met all of Twitter’s criteria, then you may go ahead and submit the formal verification request.

These are just a few examples of how an account can be verified on social media. There are parameters which other social media platforms require to obtain a verified account. If you want to make a brand out of yourself or establish a business through the use of social media, there are rules and guidelines you would need to check for you to get verified.

If your social media presence is felt at all times through consistent postings and if your account has already attracted enough followers, social media platforms are more than willing to give your page, profile, or account that seal of approval—the checkmark.

Published: August 29, 2018

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