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6 Online Review Strategies Essential to Improving Your Brand Awareness

By: Usman Raza


Online Review Strategies Improving Brand Awareness

In this technological age, online relevance is the most important thing for every business, influencer, and brand. If you do not have constant online presence, it would be impossible for you or your brand to be recognized in this fast-paced world.

One of the best tools you can use online is to have reliable online reviews. Considering that you already have a review section, here are some strategies that might help you improve your brand with the help of reviews.

Engage with your audience

If you think no interaction will do you good, think again. For every business, brand or influencer who wants to create traction, engagement is vital. Interaction with your audience will bring about not just bring brand awareness but also loyalty. Making your audience feel valued is an investment on your own brand.

Be more social on social media

Reviews should not only be present in your website. As much as possible, do it on social media platforms that will help you gain more reviews. Take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. LinkedIn is growing in popularity which is very ideal to build your network and collaborate. Getting good reviews from people in the professional world is also a great way to build your credibility.

Provide excellent customer experience

What is the most annoying thing you will experience after purchasing a product? Not getting after-sales assistance, right? If you think you can skip this one, you are utterly wrong. Customer service is what we all are looking for, even if you are a business person. You would definitely want to be treated like royalty after buying an item from any kind of store. Not only do you want customer service but you would be expecting excellent care.

This is where you can start building rapport and a good relationship with your audience, client, or customer. Since people usually buy from emotions (i.e. if they feel they like what you present, or you are relatable), adding value to them as customers will definitely encourage them to patronize you and your business.

Encourage positive reviews, entertain negatives as well

Getting reviews is just the tip of the iceberg; knowing the whole content of the review is another thing. If you get positive reviews, of course it boosts your confidence and emotions. This is the best time to compliment your audience.

Now, getting negative reviews is another thing. It not only affects your emotions but also your thoughts. Instead of getting this in your head and reacting negatively, just sit back and think of what positive things can come out of this reaction. Inquiring about how they feel will definitely help you to resolve any underlying factors that create this kind of review. You can correct it and improve it.

Remember—criticism, whether good or bad, is always good for you and your business.

Create a database of all kinds of reviews

This one may be time consuming but this is essential to work on. Gathering this information will not only give you hindsight into your audience’s heart, it can also provide ideas for improvements on your end. Reinvention of your products or your brand is essential in this day and age. New ideas pop every second, and if you are lagging behind, it will not really benefit you. So maintain a database where you can always go back to get fresh ideas.

Make it simple

Do you know how irritating it is to deal with complications? Regardless of the sophistication of the service you provide, if you are asked to leave a feedback, comment or review, it is always a hassle to be confronted with many questions or asking for tons of information. So keep it simple. Asking for a review or feedback should not be a hassle for your customers or audience.

Keeping all of these things into consideration will definitely help you improve your relevance online with your audience. As long as you keep yourself and your brand grounded and transparent, it will be easier for you to gain credibility and traction online.

Published: January 28, 2020

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