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3 Ways to Boost Social Media Presence

Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Social media is the great new marketing landscape. In fact, if you don’t have a social media presence yet, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Studies have shown that 84% of Millennial consumers check out business profiles on social media and company websites before they make a purchase. That means that if they can’t find you online, you’ll probably lose that customer.

Your social media presence is very important in this modern age, and there are a few ways that you can ensure that you can gain social media traction. Today we’ll look at the 3 best ways for you to boost your social media presence.


The most important part of social media that separates it from other marketing channels is that you are able to directly communicate with your customers, even in real time.

Where most small businesses fail online is that they do not use this opportunity to really engage their customers, get to know them, and build up that all-important trust. In fact, although 83% of Fortune 500 companies have a Twitter profile, only 20 actually engage them.

This is a major lost opportunity, and one you shouldn’t allow to pass up. Engagement is important, as it shows you are a brand that cares. This will increase company loyalty and help strengthen your social media presence.

Research content that works

Social media content is different from other content. People are largely not interested in you talking about all the amazing features your new product or service has. Those are great, but social media is not the place to blast those marketing tactics. Instead, you should be interested in creating valuable content for your customers.

What do they like? What is the most type of content that social media followers in your industry prefer? It is largely visual nowadays. However, valuable, informative blog posts also provide lasting quality for your customers and potential customers.

It is important, however, that the content you provide is appropriate to your business. If not, you’ll end up sending the wrong message about your business and potentially drive away qualified leads.

Be consistent

It is important to have a consistent appearance in any business aspect, but more so when it comes to social media.

The thing that fails most small businesses when they get on social media is posting inconsistency. They become particularly impassioned and enthusiastic in the first few days or weeks of their profiles. They post awesome content 3 or 5 times a day. However, that flame soon burns out, usually because other parts of their business requires attention, and then they don’t post anything for three weeks. And then, when they find the time again, they burst into posts. This can seem very erratic to a customer, as they are confused about the consistency, and therefore dependability, of your business.

It is best to create for yourself a social media calendar that helps you plan what content you will be posting on your social media channel(s) and at what times.

Social media is a modern invention that is moving fast beyond just another marketing channel for businesses. There are many other great resources for ensuring your social media success, but these 3 tips are a great place to start.

Social media is becoming, for many small businesses especially, the main source of communicating with and gaining new customers. In that sense, it shouldn’t be underestimated, and with the proper approach, you can increase your social media presence and find real online success.

Published: January 13, 2017

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