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3 Simple Steps to Maintaining a Successful Company Blog


Chances are pretty high that if you run your own company, it probably has its own blog that more often than not serves as a reflection of the business itself. A company blog shows readers what sort of business you’re running and gives them an inside look at just how you run things. As such, the company blog develops a voice all on its own that’s often pretty conversational as well as informational, so it’s important that your customers are finding the answers to the questions that they have and keep coming back for more with your blog. Try my three tips on for size when it comes to maintaining a successful business blog!

Hire a manager. If you are in the throes of running your own business, you don’t have enough time to dish out daily articles on your own. If you are serious about your company blog (as you should be) hire a social media manager to put together some well written content and videos for your blog. They can also take care of any and all other social media platforms your business is on too. When the ball really gets rolling, your social media manager can even reach out to other blogging outlets and find ways to contribute guest blog posts with other companies – creating positive blogging relationships and extending your business’s reach to a wider range of readers and, hopefully, customers! Keep a constant flow of communication steady with your manager and brainstorm on what kinds of topics to write on if they aren’t sure what to touch on first.

Stay relevant. Look to the news and current events for blogging topics. It shows your readers that you are on top of topical issues that may concern them and you are aware and ready to address them. It’s also easy for your company blogger to come across bouts of writer’s block, especially if they’re writing on a daily basis. Looking to the news and what’s going on around the internet is a good way to get inspired and helps keep any hair pulling frustration at not knowing what to write about at bay. And always tie in what you’re writing about and bring it back to your business!

Keep track of how much you post. Don’t be that blog that dishes out four stories a day with less than high quality content. It is more important to have consistently well-written articles on your blog than to post for the sake of posting. If your manager, or writing team, can write well on topics that matter to your business and customers five days a week, then by all means dish them out by the day!

But if you have only one writer dedicated to working on your whole blog, then a few times a week will do just fine. Just don’t post so sparsely that your readers forget you exist. Give the people good, interesting content on a regular basis and they will keep coming back for more and before you know it you’ll have yourself a nice following of business supporters all because of your company blog.

Published: February 15, 2013

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