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3 Proven, Budget-Friendly Video Types for Small Businesses

Budget Friendly Video Types

Although professional video production tends to require a big budget, did you know that you don’t actually need one to create video content for a small business?

The fact of the matter is that the cost of producing videos largely depends on the type of videos that you want to create. In other words, if you’re running a small business with a limited budget, you should look at more budget-friendly types of video content.

If you would like some ideas, here are three proven yet budget-friendly types of video content that are a great place to start.

Simple How-To Video Guides

In general, how-to video guides are an excellent form of video content for small businesses, and have a very natural draw seeing as they help viewers to solve problems or teach them useful skills.

More important, producing how-to video guides does not have to be very expensive—provided you keep the scope simple. If you do, it shouldn’t take much to record the video and at most you’ll need a decent video camera, microphone, tripod stand, and editing software.

For how-to guides involving digital products, you could just use screen recording software, instead.

The focus of these videos should be on showing each step clearly, instead of attempting to ‘wow’ viewers with impressive visuals.

Talking Head Vlogs

Vlogs are basically the video equivalent of blog posts, and typically consist of a person in front of the camera (i.e., a ‘talking head’) that explains and discusses the topic.

The cost of producing vlogs is relatively low, and you don’t need any expensive equipment. At most it may help to improve the lighting, but that needn’t be costly either.

At the end of the day while this type of video has a solid track record and has been proven effective time and time again, its success is mainly personality driven. In short, it requires the person behind the camera be able to connect with viewers and make them feel interested and excited.

That is the big challenge for small businesses, and you may need to brush up on your presence in front of the camera.

Behind the Scenes Brand Videos

Among the best types of video content for small businesses to build their brand are ‘behind the scenes’ videos that showcase their brand culture. It could consist of workplace tours, event videos, employee interviews, or anything else.

The less scripted these videos are the more authentic they actually feel—which increases their impact. It also means that you don’t need to worry about the budget nearly as much, because the visuals don’t need to be that impressive.

Instead, all you need to focus on is making sure the videos are polished enough to appeal to viewers.

Not only are these types of videos extremely effective for small businesses, but they are a perfect type of live video content. If you produce and publish them as live videos, you could record streaming video and publish it as a VOD too.

Final Words

Between these three types of videos, you should be able to produce content that is able to draw in lots of viewers and engage them, without breaking the bank. That being said, the actual cost of producing any video can vary depending on its scope.

Simply put, you should look at these types of videos as a starting point that you can use to generate ideas for budget-friendly content. However, at the same time you should make sure to keep your concepts simple, straightforward, and easy-to-execute if you want to keep costs low.

Published: July 29, 2019

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