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3 Key Reasons Digital Marketing is Vital for Success

Key Reasons Digital Marketing is Vital for Success

As more and more people habitually use internet services in their daily lives, the importance of digital marketing naturally becomes increasingly important for business success. While traditional forms of media are still a big part of the advertising world, most organizations big and small have quickly realized why an online promotional strategy is so effective in reaching their target audience.

A digital marketing expert will understand how to implement digital marketing tactics like SEO – also known as search engine optimization—to maximize the visibility of a business online. Following are the three key reasons why online promotion is so necessary for business outreach.

1. It Is Highly Measurable

The inherent measurability of every action that takes place on the internet makes online promotional strategies so much easier to evaluate than traditional forms of media. The analytical data generated by an audience’s interaction with online advertising is incredibly useful in informing future strategy and evaluating overall success.

Key performance indicators (KPI’s) such as click-through rates, unique visitors, average time spent on page and conversion rates are all separately measured by analytical tools. These performance indicators let marketers know which strategies are generating useful leads and which aren’t. This makes it easier to cut out costly promotional measures that aren’t creating a valuable return.

2. It Can Be Highly Targeted

Another benefit of the numeric measurement the internet allows is that it can provide insight into the demographics and behaviors of audiences. This means that promotional messages can be specifically targeted to the people who will be the most receptive to it.

Paying for billboard space or a TV commercial may be seen by a lot of people, but how many of them will actually find that message relatable to them? Online promotion allows a business to minimize the chances of a message being wasted on anyone but the target audience.

A digital marketing expert will know how to identify and track the relevant target audience. They can then consult a business on what ways that audience can be effectively reached.

Factors like geographic locations, browsing habits, types of media consumed or articles read can all be measured and targeted. For example; a pet food business could target people who watch a lot of online videos about animals or have carried out internet searches relating to that industry.

3. It Can Reach Mobile Users

Since the wide use of smartphones became a reality a growing number of people have begun to use their mobile phones to engage with the internet in ways commonly restricted to desktop computers or laptops. With tablet devices also being a popular access point to the internet, a good online promotional strategy will need to be flexible enough to effectively serve messages on a variety of different screen sizes.

“Mobile friendly” advertising essentially means that a promotional message is able to dynamically transform depending on what type of device it is being viewed on. This means that a message seen on a desktop computer will be served differently to retain its effectiveness on a smaller sized screen.

Online promotion is one of the few ways in which a message can be targeted to mobile users who are a huge part of the market. Not using a mobile friendly promotional strategy means missing out a huge potential audience.

What’s listed above are just a few of the reasons why online advertising is so important. A digital marketing expert understands these factors and caters to them in the most effective ways possible.

Failing to take advantage of the opportunities this area of advertising provides can prove disastrous for a business. This is because it can be almost guaranteed that competitors will be using digital marketing to its fullest potential.

Published: December 13, 2017

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