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3 Facebook Alternatives for Online Marketers

With over 1.3 million active monthly users, it’s safe to say that Facebook is the king of social media, and as such, has become a vital tool in the online marketer’s arsenal. Social media channels are great for helping brands expand their reach, connect with fans, and generate traffic to their websites. 

But with such a high concentration of users on Facebook, other social media channels often get neglected or ignored by marketers, despite their powerful marketing potential. So, to help you diversify your social media marketing portfolio, we’ve compiled a list of three social platforms you should be using to connect with new audiences and help spread your brand.
Instagram is certainly not a new platform, but it’s one that is largely underutilized by marketers across the board. With an ever-increasing user base, Instagram provides marketers with an exciting and entertaining new way to interact with fans and share their brand’s message. You can capture your company’s personality, showcase new products, or run contests to keep your followers interested in your brand. There are a number of ways to utilize Instagram to capture your audience’s attention, it is arguably one of the most creative channels for marketing that’s out there. Try your hand at capturing great photos and images that will interest your followers and watch your brand loyalty and user engagement metrics skyrocket as a result.
If you haven’t heard of Mi925, don’t sweat it—it’s probably because this social network is highly targeted and fairly new to the scene. However, Mi925 offers a great opportunity to connect with professionals from any and all industries. The site was built with a focus on workers and gives employees from around the workforce a place to share their experiences that are related to their working lives. It’s where professionals can connect with other people on a more informal level, and share their work experiences that make them smile, cringe, learn, or just think “glad it’s not just me!” Obviously, the users here are already targeted, giving businesses a way to market their products or services directly to potential customers. If you know the industry that somebody is working in, then chances are you know the types of products or services that they need or want to use on a daily basis, making it easy and efficient to connect with them and build a professional, yet, informal relationship. Mi925 is all about connecting people within the workplace, which is a great place to try and do business and market your products or services.
Pinterest is a social network that just continues to grow, and continues to prove that it’s a money making machine for clever marketers. Currently, there are over 70 million users on Pinterest, 80% of which are women. If you’re a business that sells physical products or provides some sort of domestic-focused service, it’s time to get on Pinterest and start sharing content, pinning interesting and engaging articles and photos, and interacting with fans. With a large female fan base and ever increasing monthly users, Pinterest is a great platform for selling anything from health and beauty products, to housewares, to clothes, and has a high user engagement rate. If you need some help with marketing ideas or learning how to use Pinterest to your advantage, make sure to watch this helpful video below.
This article was originally published by The Mail
Published: June 2, 2014

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