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Printed Envelopes: The Valuable and Underestimated Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Printed Envelopes

It is no secret that the majority of marketing campaigns today are focused on the e-commerce arena where competition has gradually shifted to thanks to technology advancements. As an entrepreneur, it is easy to get caught up in a constant chase to solidify your online presence to the point of losing touch with other basic marketing tools that can equally increase your visibility.

While a business cannot hide its head in the sand by ignoring modern marketing techniques at the same time, it cannot fail to maximize on other mediums for brand promotion and enhancement of their market outreach.

Today, one of the most ignored marketing tools is the use of the company envelope which despite being around for ages still adds an exciting touch to any campaign. For many people, the envelope is simply just another office paper used from time to time when sending documents to different locations with the general perception that it mainly goes unnoticed. This could be the case if you stick to those plain and boring envelopes that you randomly pick from the store down the street and send to your partners or clients whenever there is the need.

A difference in using envelopes can be achieved by going back to the fundamental principles of marketing, which is all about creating an enticing image which people will love. First impressions matter, and if you expect to transform that paper into a practical marketing tool, then you have to focus on the cover design and quality of the paper used.

A good cover design on an envelope sells that one thing everyone in marketing is after, getting noticed.  On the other hand, quality envelopes ensure that your content is always protected and you never have to worry about a client receiving a package that lacks in appeal.

In thinking about envelopes as a marketing tool, your cover design must be focused on promoting your brand and creating an irresistible urge for the recipient to open it. The winning factor in sending an envelope is only if the contact opens it and you can have a significant impact by creating an attention-grabbing cover. Forget about having an in-house printed address on the front of an envelope—get more creative by maximizing on the design creativity that comes with online envelopes for effective marketing.

There are a thousand and one ways you can make a printed envelop be a vital part of your marketing campaign, and that goes beyond making them colorful. Similar to all other brand promotion strategies, you have to continually make critical changes depending on the content enclosed within the envelope.

An end-of-year sale offer should have a different touch from a new product promotion with the cover clearly calling the recipient to action. This does not mean flooding the cover with lots of information but in utilizing simple words which will be a call to action leading to the commercial benefits you are after as a business owner.

The best part about incorporating envelopes into your marketing channels is you can have all the endless benefits without stretching your budget as they are one of the cheapest marketing tools.

Published: November 15, 2018

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