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3 Ways to Help Customers Remember You

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Every company wants customers that return time after time for their products and services. The fact that they do means they are very satisfied with what you have to offer, and it is repeat business you can count on over time. There is no way to force customers to return to you, but there are a few things businesses can do to make customers want to return. Here are a few suggestions to get customers to remember you and become loyal repeat customers that you can count on.

Use Promotional Products
Promotional products are free products companies offer at trade shows, events, and conferences. Having customers see your company’s name every time they use your promotional product will make them think of you when they have a need. Promotional products can be just about anything; however, there are smart ways to use them. Follow these tips to ensure the promotional products you are using are making good use of your marketing dollars and are getting customers to remember you.
  • Pick an item your target market will use. For example, note pads or promotional pens are a lot more effective for a group of insurance reps than a handheld compact mirror.
  • Be sure your information is visible and stands out. The whole point of the item is for your company name and logo to be seen.
  • Give the item to everyone you can at events. Being at an event is only getting your foot in the door. You want potential customers to take your name home with them.
  • Have choices. If people can chose from a variety of items, they will most definitely pick the item they will use the most. This will insure your company name and logo are being seen as much as possible.
Offering perks to clients is a great way to keep them coming back. Having a type of frequent customer card or customer loyalty program that offers a free service or discount encourages customers to return. It is a great way to gain customer loyalty. Customers may return simply because they know that when they do, they get rewarded. There are several restaurant chains and retail outlets that have experienced phenomenal success with this simple yet effective tactic.
Use Social Media
Using social media to market your business will get your business into the everyday lives of your customers. People check social media often. If you are part of their feed, they will be reminded of what your company does or offers frequently. Consistency is the key to success with social media. If you are using social media as a marketing tool, you must be as consistent with it as you are with your other forms of marketing if not more so. You can’t post once a month and expect results. Most social media campaigns are most effective with daily updates, and some social media campaigns may even require multiple updates a day for optimal results. You need to be a constant fixture on people’s news feed if you want to be remembered.
Published: July 19, 2013

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