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5 Reasons to Market by Texting

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Reasons to Market by Texting

If you think texting is only for teenagers, you might be missing out on an effective marketing tool. Mobile marketing is quickly becoming a necessity for today’s small businesses. One recent survey found that 72 percent of U.S. adult respondents were never more than five feet away from their smartphone—that’s a huge captive audience that your company can connect with. If you’re looking to expand your marketing outreach, here are five reasons to add texting to your customer outreach plan as soon as possible.

1. Texting is engaging

In a world of email, it might seem like texting is unnecessary. However, email can languish in an inbox for hours or even days, whereas most people check texts within seconds of receiving them. When you use texting to let customers know about a special deal or new product, you grab their attention immediately. Further, because customers need to “opt in” to receive texts, there’s a higher probability that your customers will engage—by signing up to receive messages, they’ve actively chosen to hear from you.

Texting also gives you the chance to inspire immediate action from your audience without making them print or clip coupons. By offering time-sensitive deals through mobile messaging, you’re encouraging consumers to participate promptly.

2. Texting is affordable.

In the world of marketing expenses, it’s hard to compete with texting. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands on a print or broadcast ad, text out your next big announcement and save. Though the exact cost will vary depending on the platforms and software you choose, many text marketing programs work out to just a few cents per message.

Depending on the number of texts you plan to send out each month, you may be able to use a free trial version of software that lets you see the benefits before making a bigger investment. Some services allow between 50 and 500 free texts with one opt-in keyword per month. At the other end of the spectrum, if you send out lots of messages each month, many plans offer discounts for higher messaging volume.

3. Texting is effective.

When you run a print ad campaign or television commercial, you’re gambling on if and when your target audience will ever see it. With texting, on the other hand, you know that your message is instantly reaching your customers. In fact, “Forbes” reports that 95 out of 100 customers who sign up for text messaging programs open and read business messages within three minutes of receiving them. If you’re looking for a return on your marketing investment, it doesn’t get much better than 95 percent penetration.

Additionally, texting can be customized to practically match your brand and consumer base. Service-based businesses can easily send out appointment reminders, while product-based companies can offer merchandise discounts or promotions. Tailoring your messages to match your customers’ needs will ensure that your campaign is relevant and effective.

4. Texting is nonintrusive.

It’s hard to find a direct messaging medium that doesn’t intrude on your customers’ daily lives—telemarketing calls and spam emails often frustrate more than they engage. Texting, however, gives you the same access without the perceived intrusion. Once your customers have chosen to receive your texts, they’ll be able to check messages easily without interrupting other activities. It’s the perfect method to keep your brand at the forefront of your consumers’ minds without overstepping.

Texting can also function as a follow-up tool to help close a sale or to check in afterward. When used judiciously, text message marketing allows you to create a comprehensive customer support experience that actually supports your clientele.

5. Texting is interactive.

One of the best things about texting is that it makes your customers part of the campaign. Rather than throwing your message at your audience, you’re inviting them to participate. Some of the best ways to boost interaction are mobile polls and links to videos about your product or service. Offering a chance to save more or receive a special gift for participation also encourages customers to engage with your brand and act on the deal you’re currently promoting.

Because customers are able to opt in or out of texts with ease, they have control over their interaction with your brand. When your customers feel empowered, they’re more likely to keep coming back.

Consumers are already using mobile technology, and they want the convenience of accessing your products and services from the palm of their hands. Consider adding additional mobile tech as well as adding text messaging to your marketing efforts to bring your small business into the future.

AuthorAlice Williams has an MA in Communication Studies with an emphasis in corporate communication and organizational communication. She freelance writes on business, tech, HR and social media and contributes to a variety of online publications. Find her on Twitter.

Published: April 11, 2016

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