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Get a Call Back with the Alien Message

By: Deb Bixler


Get a Call Back with the Alien Message

Over the past few weeks we have posted several articles on why you should return to using the your Smartphone’s calling feature to actually make a phone call rather than only texting or reaching out on Facebook.

There was one article on leaving a great voicemail message so that you get a call back and overcoming phone phobia as well.

So what about that person who you do have a legitimate business reason to call and you have already left several messages? As a matter of fact they ASKED you to call them but now they are NOT responding!

What about the person who really does want to talk to you and has put it off?

Guaranteed To Get A Call Back!

The Abducted By Aliens voicemail message guarantees you will get a call back!!

Chances are they have been meaning to call you back and now they feel guilty so it turns into procrastination because they are embarrassed.

This is the perfect script to solve that!

The abducted by aliens script gets really good results—the person usually calls you back immediately.

It is great for the host or sales rep whom you know is still in the game or a contact who said they do want to host a party and they are just not calling you back.

Say it with a laugh & giggle:

“Hi Mary, This is Deb with MyFantasticCompany. It is so long since I have heard from you that I am starting to get worried.

Either you’re really, really busy or you have been abducted by aliens. Whichever is the case give me a quick call so that I know that you are still on this earth. My number is _______.”

Why Does It Work?

Why does this always get a call back?

It is funny and it lets them know that you are not mad at them. (Be sure to say it while laughing!)

The abducted by aliens script is short, to the point and guaranteed to get a quick call back!

Published: June 20, 2017

Source: Create a Cash Flow Show

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