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Book Year Round Business!

By: Deb Bixler


Book Year Round Business

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot book a year-round business… solid every month!

Book Year Round Business!

Not any one particular month should have more cancellations than another, except maybe during the blizzard of 2009!!

Really though, your attitude is what plays the biggest role in your ability to date a specific month or to booking a year-round business.

When you have a good attitude toward every month, every month will have a solid schedule.

Why is January the Best Month for a Party?

If you do not know why January (and every month) is the best month of the year to host a home party, then there is no way you will be able to date a solid show schedule in January.

Use this form to always be prepared as to why every month is the best month of the year to host a show. Make sure that you always use a 3-month rolling window and prepare your worksheet on a month-to-month basis.

Print The WHY Every Month Is Best worksheet!

Every Month IS Best Month of the Year Because…

  • It has the highest host bonuses of the year!
  • My post-holiday stress disorder theme show is a blast!
  • It is the only month of the year I do theme shows!
  • It is a great mid-winter stress release party!
  • Every host gets 2 dates: One for the show and one as a snow date.
  • Host bonuses are always higher in January!
  • I reserve January ONLY for tried and true past hosts.
  • OR whatever you can think of….

When you have 5-10 reasons why each and every month is an awesome month of the year to host a show and you share them everywhere you go, you’ll have success.

When you do, every month WILL be a terrific time to have a show.

It is definitely possible to book year-round business consistently!

Published: January 3, 2020

Source: Create a Cash Flow Show

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