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6 Types of Testimonials to Boost Sales

By: Deb Bixler



Testimonials sell!

Often new distributors think that they cannot have testimonials because they have not really experienced the business yet but there are many types of testimonials that anyone can use within their presentation.

Examples of the power of testimonials can be seen in infomercials.

Whether you are selling a product, your business opportunity or the opportunity to host a party, the more testimonials you can incorporate into your sales pitch the more you will sell!

Use 6 Types of Testimonials

When you use all the different types of sales testimonials within your show you will boost sales, bookings and recruit leads.

Think about these types of testimonials:

  1. Personal – How have your products or opportunity impacted your life?
  2. 3rd Party – A quote or experience from someone else (team member, another distributor or leader, or family members) shared in the event is just as powerful as a personal experience.
  3. Consumer – What have your customers said?
  4. Outside Experts / Celebrity – When an outside expert or celebrity uses or talks about your product or opportunity your guests need to know.
  5. Clinical Studies – When your product has been involved in clinical studies, you should brag about it!
  6. Editorial – News, TV, or other press reviews you or your company have received.

Use testimonials during your home party and also in print whenever possible.


  • Since I started using MyFantasticCompany anti-aging cream my husband says I look as young as the day I met him.
  • I joined to pay my credit card off and now we pay the mortgage every month with my commission.

3rd Party:

  • My sister bought one of these last October and called a week after she got it, saying that they take all the guesswork out of XYZ.  Then she ordered 6 more for holiday gifts.
  • My hostess last month called and said that her husband wants her to host another party because he loves the XYZ and she should get more but only if they are FREE again!
  • I met a rep at our team meeting who said she joined to take her family to Disney because they never could afford to go on vacation and now they have been on a trip every year for 5 years.


  • Mary Smith said that in her house they use the MyFantasticCompany product daily. It has changed their breakfast routine and helped all lose weight and get healthier.
  • Someone at a party just the other day told me that this item has been a lifesaver for her….
  • Last week one of my clients called to thank me for the quick exchange saying that she was impressed with MyFantasticCompany’s unparalleled customer service!

Outside Experts | Celebrity:

  • MyFantasticCompany’s vitamins have been approved by the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)!
  • This is the bracelet that Kim Kardashian wore when she….
  • Smith of the So-and-So Medical Center said that XYZ will reduce cholesterol and that is the primary ingredient in this breakfast bar!

Clinical Studies:

  • The Boston Dermatology Institute did a study on skin care and found that XYZ is one of the top anti-aging solutions.
  • More than 200 studies have been done on XYZ and it has been proven over and over again that when used regularly it will reduce wrinkles and give a more youthful appearance.


  • Redbook Magazine included MyFantasticCompany in their extensive article on work at home business opportunities and to quote them….
  • Did you see MyFantasticCompany on the Today show this week? As part of the Holiday Kids Drive we were featured as one of the top corporate donors.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine, in their September issue, said that the direct selling industry is the solution for families needing more income without leaving the kids with a sitter.
  • There was an article in last month’s Medical Journal about this exact ingredient, XYZ, that makes this product so effective!

When you incorporate testimonials into your sales presentation, your website, or on fliers you will sell more!

People will believe what other people say more than they will believe you! Think about the many types of testimonials and make a plan to add some to your home party.

Published: November 28, 2016

Source: Create a Cash Flow Show

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