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Is Remote Working Taking Over?

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Remote workers across the world are turning the traditional 9-5 working day into a thing of the past. Businesses and employees alike are opting for working remotely, and with it being proven to have a positive impact on staff health and productivity levels, it’s not hard to see why. Although the concept of remote working is nothing new, technological advances allow staff the ability to carry out their work from anywhere including trains, at home or sitting in the local coffee shop.

As a result of this, work is no longer a place workers physically need to be. And although it’s not necessary for every industry to undertake this way of working, it’s already a popular choice among industries such as finance and IT. With the rise of remote working, we explore the reasons behind why it’s becoming increasing popular and the benefits to businesses and staff.

Productive Staff

Research has proven that those who are working remotely are actually more productive than those working in the office. Employees no longer have the distractions such as colleague chats, coffee breaks or meetings that they might deem unnecessary.

Some may choose to work at times when they feel they are more productive and will get more work carried out, whether that’s first thing in the morning or last thing at night! As remote workers have the freedom to plan their day as they please, they will be less stressed worrying that they’re late for work after the school run, or after a long commute. Instead, they will be relaxed and more focused on their work.

If the business requires the need for staff to work around the clock, they will be able to hire a remote worker who can carry out their workloads in a different time zone. This saves the stress of hiring staff to work unsocial hours, such as weekends or nights. It also gives the employers a chance to hire the best staff, ones who may have the skillset that’s required, but who might not be able to commute every day to the office. Having the freedom, and trust, from employers to work this way has a positive impact on staff allowing them to maintain a happy work-life balance.

Cost Effective

Through the hiring of remote workers, companies are able to save a lot of money. One of the main factors is that companies may no longer require the need to hire an office space, allowing them saving money on rent and bills. Remote working is a great choice for start-up or smaller business who require staff but who need to budget their outgoings until they are making a sustainable profit. This will allow them to invest this money into their company instead.

Some employers also hire remote workers to carry out the jobs they need through temporary staff or freelancers. In turn, they will save money by not hiring a permanent member of staff which means not paying out for holidays, sick pay and buying extra equipment for the office such as chairs and computers. It’s also beneficial for remote workers too, whether it’s saving money commuting to work, or on childcare costs.

Cons of remote working

Although there’s a demand for remote workers, there’s still worry that this way of work may have negative impact on both workers and employers. There’s concern that it might lead to a lack of communication within companies, and a sense of isolation from colleagues. And there’s also worry that it could lead to distractions – whether that’s the kids, animals or household chores that need doing!

The future of remote working

Studies have already indicated that within the next decade, almost 60% of employees will be working remotely. In order to support this increase, there’s already been numerous pieces of technology designed to help assist with remote workers. Once example of this is the telepresence robot that allows the remote worker to be virtually present in the office, and has the ability to move round and interact with colleagues.

Author: Hannah Pennell is a content writer for Light Supplier. http://www.lightsupplier.co.uk/

Published: October 19, 2016

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