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7 Skills You Need to Become a Chief Strategy Officer

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A Chief Strategy Officer is the person who oversees the development, implementation, and follow-up of corporate strategies and reports to the CEO or works closely with other executives and directors of departments.

While their main job is to supervise teams and monitor the success of business strategies, they need to ensure that the department is meeting its goals and the team is working efficiently. When analyzing the data, the Chief Executive assesses the performance of each employee to identify potential weaknesses and areas of improvement.

Additionally, the CSO will work on improving the strategies and maintaining business relationships. In this article, we’ll reflect on the basic and essential skills a Chief Strategy Officer needs to have to be successful in the role.

Communication Skills

One of the major Chief Strategy Officer job description skills is communication. Strategic communication careers mostly depend on communication skills, like the ability to express yourself properly, have outstanding writing skills, speak coherently and fluently, and listen to others.

The CSO will interact with clients, stakeholders, and team members, so it’s crucial to be able to convey the information properly and receive equally understandable feedback. Written communication is important because the Chief Officer can write correspondence and develop strategies within the business market.

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Analytical Skills

The CSO needs analytical skills to analyze and work with data. Furthermore, they need these skills to analyze the strategies and teams’ performance. Being able to interpret, organize and find meaning from the piles of data to help you assess potential strengths and weaknesses is crucial in improving the strategies.

Interpersonal Skills

The Head of Strategy is a team member and a leader, so they need to have interpersonal skills to build healthy and good relationships with the employees and team members. Being able to make the employees more productive by applying certain strategies in the workflow is the ultimate skill a CSO can wish for.

CSOs have a great role in acquiring new clients and managing client relationships since they use interpersonal skills to manage client relationships. The CSO is the main brick of the wall of interpersonal relationships.

Be a Leader

Leadership skills help the CSO effectively run the team and show positive results in the short and long term. Any soft skill can be considered a leadership skill, like active listening to people and understanding how they feel about the project workload, the working environment, and continuously receiving employee feedback and constructive criticism to improve certain areas.

Effective leaders are those who can make decisions fast, however, the efficiency comes within time. As the CSO becomes familiar with the industry they work in, they will be able to make decisions faster since decisiveness is a great leadership skill.

To be an effective leader and guide the team on the right track, a CSO needs to do research, apply problem-solving strategies, set goals, and evaluate data. Key points related to decisiveness include initiative, expectation setting, and research.

You can use many styles in your leadership journey, however, we’d recommend starting by observing your leadership skills, how you lead the team, where most of the issues arise, consider the leadership characteristics, whether you meet the expectations of the style and get feedback about the efficiency of your leadership.

Some of the most common leadership styles are:

  • Transactional
  • Coaching
  • Autocratic
  • Servant
  • Visionary
  • Transformational
  • Democratic

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Team Building

Team building is the process of acquiring and maintaining a collaborative team of individuals to work toward a specific goal. It requires strong leadership skills, problem-solving strategies, and mutual understanding. Some of the skills we can implement in team building are collaboration, teamwork, social and interpersonal skills, active listening, management, etc.


Another crucial skill a CSO must have is integrity. Integrity is honesty, standing by your values, and truthfulness. As a CSO, you will be able to make big decisions, so those need to be ethical and help the company to make a positive impact on the market.

Every company wants to hire an individual with strong integrity skills, so if you are considering a career in this niche, we’d recommend working on those skills and showing your reliability, ethical, diplomatic, and professional skills in your next job interview.


As a CSO, your tasks will mainly include teaching and mentoring employees. Effective teaching of the employees requires motivation, assessment, helpfulness, understanding of employees, ability to reward and recognize their potential, positive reinforcement, and continuous growth.

Become a CSO Now

While it might take time until you feel confident in the CSO waters, you must start building your skills and resume so that when the next job adventure comes your way, you grab it immediately! For more information regarding CSO content, visit our blog.

Published: June 27, 2022

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