5 Industries Set to Perform in All Economic Environments

Proven business models, forecasted revenue results and a myriad of financing options have become the attractive calling cards of a paradigm shift in thinking—one that rests squarely with self-reliance. We look to franchise concepts that perform well in any type of economy. Below is our All-Star list.

Here are 10 Vision Tests for Your Success

Your vision for success must be solid and flexible enough to pass several critical tests if it is to guide a business enterprise to...

How to Open Your Own Cafe or Coffee Shop

We have seen a dynamic change on Main Street over the past two years, with retail clothing giants replaced by boutique and independent coffee shops and cafés that mimic those of Italy and France.

Startups without Business Plans are Expensive Hobbies

Based on my experience as an investor and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, one of the quickest ways to kill your credibility and your startup is to offer a poorly written business plan.

Consider a Resale Franchise

You're considering going into business for yourself. Perhaps you're looking into a franchise, but you're not sure you're ready to start a brand new franchise outlet.

5 Fundamentals of Limited Liability Corporations

A Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) is a hybrid business entity which contains elements of a partnership and a corporation. LLCs consist of members and...

The Basics of Partnerships

Partnerships consist of an association of two or more persons who assume co-ownership of a business for profit. While partnerships are relatively easy to set-up, there are some basic tips that if followed can lead to a long-lasting and rewarding partnership.

A Family Business? Every Business Should Be

While plenty of empirical evidence can be found to delineate both advantages and disadvantages to working with family, we're here today to focus on the key benefits of obtaining that all important "buy-in" from your significant other.

5 Ways to Get Other People to Market Your Franchise

When you first open your doors, how will you let your community know you’re in the neighborhood? How will you market your franchise? Most marketing...

How to Pick a Business Model That is a Match for You

It’s painful when you start a new business for the wrong reasons. As a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, one of my challenges is to...

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