Top 3 Legal Mistakes of Beginning Entrepreneurs

You're an entrepreneur about to launch your new idea and form your own company. You've done your homework and you're ready to go into...

7 Legal Issues Your Small Business Should Have Covered

No small business owner likes thinking about their legal needs. But like it or not, the law can have a major impact on your small business. From protecting your creations against copycats to negotiating the best deals with vendors, getting the legal side right is crucial for your business's success.

7 Great Blogs & Websites for Your Law Practice

If you own a law practice or work in the legal field, you know how important it is to use the most up-to-date sources...

Franchisee: Red Flags When Signing a Real Estate Lease

For brick and mortar franchisees, securing your real estate transaction carries a significant weight on your future success. Not only is it a substantial...

Can I Do It Myself or Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

Launching a new business involves a lot of red tape and excessive paperwork. It might be tempting to pass those tasks along to a professional, saving you the burden of dealing with complicated legalese. But that practice will get real expensive real quick!

Buying a Franchise: How to Legally Protect Yourself

Purchasing a franchise is not only a large investment, but there are also several aspects of running a business that open you up to...

The 6 Worst Legal Mistakes Businesses Can Make

Being a business owner requires making many important decisions. Making the wrong choice in certain cases could land your company in legal hot water. Below are six of the worst legal mistakes any business can make.

Entrepreneurs: Employment Law is Not on Your Side!

Small companies most often scrape by with borrowed or invested funds, doing everything possible to grow and prosper with limited resources. So, it is...

Protect The Financial Health of Your Small Business with These Vital Documents

As an entrepreneur, you have a wide range of responsibilities and tasks to look after on a daily basis, from product or service development...

5 Startup Legal Shortcuts That Can Be Expensive

Although every startup is unique, there are certain common avoidable mistakes that can lead to legal complications that jeopardize the long-term success of the business. I'm not suggesting that every startup needs a lawyer, but you should definitely pay attention, and not be afraid to consult legal counsel if any of these raise qualms for you.

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