Critical Info to Know About Minimum Wage Law in Your Area

As a small business owner, it's important to pay your employees at or above the legal minimum wage. As you probably know, the minimum wage is the lowest hourly rate that you as an employer can pay your employees.

The GDPR, Small Business, and a New International Paradigm

It’s not a coincidence—all those emails about changes in terms of service (ToS) agreements that you got in May were sent out because of...

Preventing Workplace Harassment in Small Business Settings

Workplace harassment is far more than annoying; it can be illegal and costly. An environment with aggressive behavior, repeated humiliation, or offensive remarks will result in low employee morale, decreased productivity, and high employee turnover.

7 Legal Risks of Doing Business Online

If you have an idea for a service or a product, you can start an online business. With modern technology, starting a business has never...

Business Formation: A Crucial Component for Entrepreneurs

We’ve all seen advice from the Internet that looks far from credible. There are the questionable websites promising countless get rich quick schemes. Weight...

Guide to Writing a Contract

The five steps to writing a contract are checking to see if there is an offer, accepting an offer, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contract, putting it in writing, and printing, copying, and signing the contract.

The Legal Side of Your Website

Understanding what information your website needs to legally provide for visitors is important for website administrators and business owners. Failing to offer the necessary information to customers and site visitors can put your organization in a legal bind.

How to Successfully Hire the Right Attorney for Your Small Biz

Previously, I've written about how professional advisors are an ace in the hole for small businesses. Many of you have responded by inquiring how to choose and work with the right attorney for your small business.

How You Can Fight Intellectual Property Theft and Protect Your Profits

Small business owners may worry about being robbed while they're leaving their business to make a bank deposit. They will often take special measures to ensure their safety and protect the money generated through their sales.

When Do You Need a Company Lawyer?

Whether you're just starting out or you've been up and running for a while, now's the time to consider having a go-to lawyer for your business. When you actually need an attorney in live-time, you'll lose valuable time sharing your books, ideas, questions, and issues.

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