I’m establishing an LLC in just my name, would it be a good strategy to put all our personal bank accounts and investments in my wife’s name?

Personal trusts and other measures can be used to provide additional layers of personal asset protection; however, measures to hide assets from creditors and other parties, for example, can be ineffective due to the courts’ right to reverse transactions under certain circumstances.

Is an Tax Lien Certificate too good to be true, or one of the best kept secrets in America?

Since it is very rare that a property owner gives up a property with significant equity to a tax lien holder, tax lien investing should be looked at as a modest return, lower risk investment, and not a path to quick riches.

Are there any plans that are HSA compatible and also Obamacare compatible?

Some of the bronze level plans available through the federal and state (where available) health insurance marketplaces or exchanges qualify as HSA compatible HDHPs; however, we recommend that you work with a local qualified health insurance agent or broker to help you locate an HSA compatible HDHP…

We are looking to purchase a software product, but the current owner is in a foreclosure status. What legal and/or financial issues might we face?

We have provided general business comments and considerations below; however, you will need to consult your lawyer for legal input regarding due diligence, asset liens, purchase contract terms (ownership warranty, liability indemnification, etc), and the other legal issues with your planned software purchase.

Should I have my friends and family invest in a bank CD that I utilize as a secured loan for my business?

In our opinion, having investors buy a bank CD (or CDs) to secure a bank loan is not a good option since the money is still at risk if you default on the loan (collateralized by the CD). Also, under this option, the investors would be getting a very low interest rate on the CD and taking all of the investment risk, while the bank would be getting a higher interest rate on the business loan with no, or less, risk.

Do you have any suggestions for free health care or affordable health care for the self employed?

We do not know your company or your personal budget for health insurance coverage, but the best method to research and evaluate health insurance alternatives is to work with a local, qualified health insurance agent or broker who can help you evaluate alternatives, design a plan and obtain quotes from the insurance companies.

What are health insurance solutions for a small business owner?

Employers generally consider group health insurance when they want to offer health insurance benefits to a small group of employees; however, group health insurance coverage may not be an option if you do not have an employee group of at least two individuals, which could include family members.


Would our home owners insurance cover the entire inventory for our home-based business, or do we need additional insurance?

In our experience, it is unlikely that your existing homeowner’s insurance policy covers any of your business assets or liabilities, particularly significant amounts. You would have to consult your homeowner’s insurance agent to determine if your business assets are currently covered under homeowner’s policy or if they can be covered with a form of policy Addendum or Rider.

If our company is going to let employees drive a company vehicle home at night, what coverage should we have in place to protect our business?

While we can offer general business advice on insurance issues and you can research insurance requirements yourself, we recommend that you discuss the fact that your business vehicles will be parked at your employees’ homes at night in order to clarify the proper insurance policies, policy content, and recommended coverage limits for your operations with a qualified business insurance agent.

How can we determine what type of insurance to purchase for our business?

We are not licensed insurance agents and do not provide insurance coverage recommendations or quotes to members; however, we can provide members with helpful business insurance information and resources. Also, fidelity bonds are common among businesses that have employees working in clients’ homes and other client premises;

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