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How to get the best out of any online training course

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Everything is changing. Day-by-day we see increasing changes in technology and also the psychology of effecting successful change management in the workplace. That’s why it is imperative to get the most out of any training course to help you move your business practices onwards and upwards. Meeting the increasing demands of customers and shareholders is a priority. But how do you do that with online training?

Technology – people are not machines

Ultimately it is people that effect change. Unlike technology that works as it is supposed to (most of the time!), employees can be trickier. Human emotions and a natural resistance to change can cause hurdles that get in the way of the change management process. IT and processes can be easily upgraded, but the humans operating them then need to be encouraged to “upgrade” too! This is where change management training can be of assistance. It helps to unify both the technological and human element of your company so all runs smoothly.

Online training

Change management training can be carried out “in house” but online training can be  equally as effective. It can be both a time and cost-effective solution to implementing a change management process.

Change can be stressful enough but when training is carried out in a workplace setting it can be even more challenging. This is because people take in information at different rates and may feel uncomfortable being assessed in person but with online training; employees can learn at their own pace and often in their own time where they may be more relaxed and receptive. This means that even technophobes can complete courses successfully!

It is important however, that you do ensure your employees will get the best out of any online training course and the following tips help you to do just that:-

Ensure the change management course meets the needs of your employees

Simple yet pertinent advice! Some courses are specific to particular careers and some provide a solid grounding in change management that can be used in practically any business.

Offers real value for money

There are change management programs that can be completed for pennies but may not actually be worth much in the scheme of things. You want to ensure therefore that you get value for money and choose a recognised course provided by a reputable company that actually enables employees to put quality change management training into action that will pay dividends and increase company profits rather than poor training that could reduce them!

Use an accredited provider

Change management certification may be important and relevant to employees; especially those who are looking to become qualified and advance their career within your company. In this instance you will want to look for a training provider that is accredited by a governing body.

Ensure training is up to date

You will want to ensure that your training provider offers the necessary instruction to use correct  software, tools and processes to implement best practices within your company.

Published: May 8, 2020

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