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Which Point-of-Sale systems should I purchase for my small operation?

By: Rick Gossett



I want to use a bar code system for pricing merchandise in the store. I am researching these Point-of-Sale systems, looking for ease of implementation and affordability, for a small operation. Do you have any advice?

Point-of-Sale System Options: We do not know the details of your business, but Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and software applications are effective to integrate with your sales, accounting, and inventory control software applications. Many companies offer retail POS systems or software that read bar code; however, accounting and inventory control applications must be integrated or linked with any POS system or software, which affects your POS system or software solutions. Also, your accounting and inventory needs and budget will impact the type of POS system you select.

While you can research POS systems and software yourself, we recommend that you begin your comparative research by reviewing the products offered by your local POS vendors or authorized resellers who can sell, install, and service the systems. Local vendors and your local accountant can work with you to assess your needs and help you select a system that meets your budget constraints. In addition, used POS equipment can often be purchased from dealers or at liquidation auctions at a 50 to 75% discount to new retail prices. We do not have any particular vendor recommendation for your business, but you can locate various POS system and software providers through Internet websites like the following:

Product comparison:

POS industry: posnation.com
POS software, critical technology for retail success: findaccountingsoftware.com
What are you looking for in a point-of-sale system? pos-software.org
POS for macs: lightspeedretail.com
POS news and information: pointofsale.com
Four cost-effective POS systems for small businesses: techrepublic.com

Also, QuickBooks POS solutions may have limitations but can be effective POS software for certain retail businesses and may possibly be the preferred solution if you use QuickBooks accounting software for your business. Evaluating QuickBooks POS first hand may be the only way to confirm the program will not adequately meet your business needs; however, to begin the evaluation process, you can find reviews on QuickBooks POS at websites like the following:
QuickBooks POS full review: blog.accountant.intuit.com
How to find the right POS system for any small business: cpapracticeadvisor.com
Intuit QuickBooks POS 2013 Pro: posguys.com

Published: March 7, 2014

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