Marc Prosser

Marc Prosser is a serial entrepreneur and the publisher of Fit Small Business. He writes about a variety of topics in which he has experience or interest in him. Most recently, he has been writing a lot about small business phone systems.


Should You Go with VoIP or Traditional Phone Lines?

Businesses of all sizes are switching to Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems instead of traditional “landline” telephones to decrease their total phone costs and gain new functions that help their businesses.

Why Your Company Needs a Buy-Sell Agreement

Think about a buy-sell agreement as what you need in the event you want to buy out a partner or co-owner. Also, what will happen if a person who is part of the business heads off to what they think are greener pastures?

6 Ways to Make Networking Worth Your While

Networking is not about collecting as many business cards as possible. It’s about making good, sustainable connections. Getting your name out there is all well and good, but making sure it’s remembered is the true key to networking success.

Interview Questions to Avoid and a Safe Job Offer Letter

There have been plenty of articles and advice columns written about the questions you should ask during an interview. But what about the questions you shouldn’t ask?