Janet Lilly

Janet Lilly is a full-time freelance writer who enjoys focusing on a wide range of topics. She specializes in small business issues and profiles of prominent industry leaders.


6 Email Marketing Methods Sure to Lose Customers

The rise of email launched an entirely new branch of marketing possibilities that businesses quickly latched onto as a way to lure new customers and keep in touch with current ones.

10 Tips for Making Payroll Simple and Stress Free

Payroll can be one of the most cumbersome areas for business owners to tackle. Number-crunching, creating reports, and keeping track of all kinds of data is enough to make many individuals want to hide under their desks.

Is Your Invoice Clear and Complete Enough?

Customer invoicing is a vital part of business operations that directly affects a company’s customers and vendors, as well as the company itself. Invoicing sounds like a simple procedure, but it can get quite complicated, depending on the circumstances.

Ready to Offer Mobile Payments? Find the Right Service

After an extensive amount of research, you’ve finally decided that accepting mobile payments will benefit you and your company. Congratulations! You’ve made a great decision. You are joining a growing number of small businesses taking advantage of this advance in technology.

10 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Virtual Terminal for Your Business

Virtual terminals are necessary for phone, fax, and mail orders, when you don’t physically have the customer’s credit card in order to swipe it. You can process credit cards from any computer with internet access. Since the terminal is browser-based, no additional equipment is necessary.

5 Ways to Show Your Customers That You Value Their Business

Customers like to feel appreciated. Chances are you have one—or probably several—competitors that can do exactly what you do. One of the keys to brand loyalty is to let your customers know you care.

Video Marketing: Does It Have a Place in Your Company?

If you have a small business, your marketing campaign needs video. Of all the ways you can sell your business, video is the most relatable, the easiest for viewers to absorb and retain, and the most likely to be passed from one customer to the next.

4 Ways to Make Your Business Plan Stand Out to Investors

When a start-up presents a business plan, it’s the job of a savvy potential investor to poke as many holes in it as possible. They don’t need to figure out why they should risk their hard-earned, non-refundable money into your start-up business.