Back in the day, online marketing didn’t have that much competition, and almost anyone who used it could achieve some success. However, once the Internet evolved into a sophisticated means, other companies, which were the front-runners, had to evolve as well.

Those companies, like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, set the bar so high that other businesses now have a hard time keeping up with them. It’s as if marketers and business owners have lost the ground beneath their feet.

Whenever Google makes some changes to its search algorithms, the rankings change. All of a sudden, the websites that had a spot on the coveted first page disappear. Furthermore, when Amazon makes changes to its product reviewing rules, businesses have to reconsider their product launch strategies.

What’s more, if Facebook updates its algorithm and starts showing more family and friends posts on the timeline, business pages have no other option but to pay for an ad. Suddenly, all those likes you’ve gathered are somewhat worthless. And, let’s not forget that the government can also intervene, which is when mass hysteria breaks loose.

Nevertheless, these algorithm changes are not big news. Google started updating its algorithms long before Facebook changes to the newsfeed and organic reach started to worry business owners. Even changes that were long-expected, for example, going from print to radio to TV, caused a major setback for some well-known companies.

The issue right now is the fact that everyone is looking for that magical formula. And, believe it or not, that can cause you more damage than you might think. Taking shortcuts and figuring out hacks will not help you keep your business afloat in the long run.

Algorithm-proofing your strategy

There are simple methods (not easy, but simple) that you can use to make sure your strategy doesn’t suffer if the algorithm changes. These methods have been tried and tested, and they will work if you implement them correctly.

First things first: don’t even try to build your business on rented social media platforms. Your website should be the center of your online presence, while social media should serve only as a means for leading others to your website.

Secondly, don’t ignore the fundamental principles that have proven to work time and time again. Moreover, make sure you’re providing your target audience with value and that you are establishing relationships with them. That way, they will get to know you, love you and put their trust in your hands.

Lastly, practice diversification so as to avoid your business going down if something changes in the meantime.

What is “add quality value” anyway?

You might have heard many times that creating quality content and adding value is important. But, how do you implement these concepts in practice?

Well, these concepts require educating, entertaining and/or inspiring your readers and visitors. With the right strategy and content, you’re doing all of that in one go.

So, you should provide your audience with educational material, information and never-before-heard insights. Furthermore, answer their questions and guide them towards a solution to their problem or their goal. You ought to give new information—things they haven’t heard before—so that they can, with your help, continue their journey.

As far as connection goes, if you show what you’re passionate about and that you’re authentic, you won’t have any problems with it. Acting like this will help keep them engaged because they will be entertained. So, make sure you aren’t boring them. Otherwise, your message won’t travel very far because no one will be listening to you. If you’re good at entertaining, you will spark an interest.

Forming strong relationships with your target audience

Algorithm changes won’t mean much if you’ve built a strong relationship with a target customer. Even if an entire platform disappears, they will try to find you again and connect with you, just because they miss you.

So, apart from giving valuable content, try to keep everything on a personal level and be helpful. Work on humanizing your brand and try to engage in a two-way conversation with your target audience. Social media isn’t just there for your own broadcasting. Therefore, use it to engage with your potential customers and hear what they’re saying. That way, you will build an affinity that will stay strong, no matter what kind of update the algorithm gets.

Focus on multiple communication channels

Sometimes it’s good if you can focus on one channel. But, if that channel changes, what will you do then? You’ll have trouble breaking into other channels.

So, even if you’re focusing on Facebook, for example, don’t think that you should ignore other means of communication. There are other online channels available, like Twitter, email and SEO, and all of them have their own benefits.

If you want to diversify correctly, then try to repurpose the content and use it on all of your channels. Assemble a group of channels you want to pay attention to—a form of syndication.

You can then make a Facebook post, write a tweet about it and then connect these posts via links. Write an email and reference one of your Instagram posts in it. Additionally, use all your channels, find content that’s similar and then write a blog post on your website with a catchy SEO title.

You can also create your own media channel

Finally, don’t forget that you have the power to create your own media channel. Perhaps you can create an email subscription service on your website that will let people know when you have a new blog post. Then write original content (it doesn’t really matter if it’s text, audio, graphics or video) and share that blog post on all other media channels you’re using. That way, you’ll boost the awareness and distribute the content to your audience directly.

When you combine all these strategies, all those algorithm changes won’t be able to harm you anymore. Online media companies will update time and time again, hoping to keep the attention of the masses, and you’ll be there, actually enjoying the changes.

A solid strategy is all you need to build your business from the ground up. Even though the world is always changing, and we, as humans, are evolving, the fundamental principles are still valuable. So, don’t be afraid to keep up with your strategy if it’s the right one. Once changes are made, you will see that you can actually help online media companies provide their customers with a vastly better experience.