With search engines being refined to favor ranking websites that deliver authoritative and meaningful information to users, it’s more important than ever to serve page content that meets these criteria.

While ideally every website should be designed with quality in mind, it’s now not only ethical but absolutely necessary to provide this quality if a site is going to rank highly. As search engine algorithms become smarter they are able to weed out and punish websites that fail to deliver what users are looking for.

For these reasons SEO services are focused more than ever on helping clients to create and distribute high value content. The way in which this content is sourced and written is just as if not more important than the quality of backlinks or relevancy of keywords.

The following details some of the most helpful tips for generating high quality content. An SEO company will be experts at developing high quality content that is favored by search algorithms.

1. Demonstrate Authority

The accuracy and uniqueness of information served on a website is just as crucial to search rankings success as the quality of writing used. Information that is baseless and irrelevant won’t perform any better just because it is well strung together.

If a websites’ content is not authoritative and providing valuable answers then it is unlikely people will remain long, return or recommend it through link sharing. This is a pretty self-explanatory element of content writing but it is important to remember when trying to improve search rankings.

2. Choose a Topic People Care About

It’s simple, users will only engage with content they find relevant to them. This means that it’s important for content writers to develop copy that has something valuable to say about a certain topic.

This can be a discussion or comparison about particular elements of an industry but should have a definitive conclusion that takes a stance. Making sure the information in the content is unique and valuable is vital to boosting its quality.

3. Don’t Be Too Brief

The length of content is another factor that influences its perceived quality for search engine algorithms. The more writing that has been done tends to imply that the information is more in-depth and authoritative.

An SEO company knows that popular blog posts tend to be at least 1,500 words in length in order to catch the eye of search algorithms. The longer the content is the longer users will stay on the page and the more engaged they will ultimately be.

When users spend a longer time engaged with content on a single webpage the more likely it is a search engine will deem that page’s content to be of high quality.

4. Edit and Refine

Even if content is valuable and of a good length, it won’t perform very well if it looks unprofessional. Spelling and grammatical errors as well as poor formatting all have a negative effect on a page’s overall ranking.

Making sure thoughts and ideas make sense as well as keeping paragraphs short are the most basic editing tricks to improve the quality of content. The tense the content is written in as well as the regional spelling of words are also important to refine depending on the audience it is being served to.

Using SEO is a great way to ensure that professional copywriters are developing work that is well edited and appropriate for its audience.

5. Carefully Choose Headings and Meta Descriptions

It is not only important to include keywords in article headings and descriptions but to ensure that the words used are engaging. If a user can’t be enticed to click on a link based on its title then it doesn’t matter how great the content is.

Using numbers in titles is a popular way to drive click through as people tend to gravitate towards content that has a numerical authority. Meta descriptions should adequately explain the content while including a call to action for users to read it.

An SEO company knows how to develop headings and descriptions that perform well in search result rankings. The secret to writing high quality content is simple; write high quality content. While it’s possible to break down what makes good content into a number of key factors, including them will be inadvertent for a good copywriter.

This is why so many organizations now rely on SEO services to get professional expertise on developing high performing content. Since the improvements to search algorithms continue to make quality and performance synonymous it’s vital for any webpage that wants to increase traffic to follow the rules of quality copywriting.

Lucas Bikowski
Lucas Bikowski is the Founder and Managing Director of SEO Shark - an Australian digital media agency. Lucas specializes in Search Engine Optimization, PPC, social media and web development. Lucas also assists businesses with their brand awareness and reputation management. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook.