5 Ways to Start or Buy a Business Without Any Money

What a tragedy that so many great businesses ideas are never executed for want of one critical resource: money. Many would-be entrepreneurs believe it’s impossible...

Taking Action: From MVP to Profitable Small Business in One Month

How long did you wait to start your business? A week... a month... a year? Almost everyone I know has one major regret when it comes to their business: that they didn't start sooner.

6 Hot Tips to Create an Office Space Your Employees Won’t Want to Leave

There’s no denying that working in an office environment can be insanely tedious. Walled in white boxes with bland colors, unsatisfying layouts and cluttered...

How You Can Produce Great Content Every Time

“Content is King.” We’ve all heard this. But is it easy to produce great content every time? Producing quality content is the best approach to marketing...

Home Automation: We Used to Dream About This Stuff!

We saw these scenes in the Sci-Fi movies from our past. The lights turn on and off when you walk in or out of the kitchen. The hallway lights turns off after you lock the door. It may have sounded futuristic 5 years ago, but not any more.

Why Small Businesses Should Pre-Launch

I’ve operated a small women’s clothing boutique for a year-and-a-half and there is one thing I wish I knew before I went live with...

Starting a Franchise Business: Is It Time to Quit Your Day Job?

Surveys routinely find that more than half of Americans want to own their own businesses — and we see even higher percentages among specific groups. For example, 64% of young Latinos see entrepreneurship as their goal.

Your Online Reputation: The Better It Is, The More Successful Your Business Will Be

A poor business reputation can act as a drag on a company's profits and growth prospects, often without the business owner even knowing it. In contrast, a positive reputation can not only enhance the company's bottom line...

What Do Franchise Turnover Rates Mean?

Item #20 of the Franchise Disclosure Document gives the FTR percentage, or Franchise Turnover Rate. This item can really bring up the problem some statisticians call the Memorial Day issue: looking at a number out of context doesn't tell you much.

How Can Your Startup Use the “Bakery Model”?

We've all been there. You start talking about creating your own business and the ideas start flying out of your mouth. The problem with that is moving forward and getting those ideas to become something a bit more substantial.

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