Franchise Business and Risk

Choosing a franchise involves putting in money as well as time, while being hired does not. This adds an extra layer of risk for franchisees. On the other hand, franchisees also have an extra layer of control.

Sir Sidney Poitier’s Inspiring Advice

If your heart is burning to share your message, talents or gifts, and you, too, are determined to work at your craft with gusto, you can call yourself whatever you choose. Now, your task is working towards that goal.

Top Tips on How to Succeed as a Female Entrepreneur

There are a growing number of women facing the challenge of starting and growing a new business. These women have a wealth of knowledge...

3 Ways to Successfully Bootstrap a Product-Based Business

Bootstrapping any business is tough, but establishing a consumer product-based business versus a service-based or tech-based startup creates some very specific challenges.

When a Company Closes Down: What Next?

Unfortunately, these days we are constantly reading about failed businesses. When a company closes down in the direct sales industry it can have devastating consequences for fearful...

8 Business Name Mistakes Investors Hate to See

Every new baby gets a name before it is introduced to the world, and yet some entrepreneurs continue to send me business plans with...

Purchasing a Franchise: What Are Your Financing Options?

For individuals seeking the rewards of entrepreneurship but looking for a safer bet when launching into the business space, purchasing a franchise is a...

Smart Offices and the Death of the Cubicle

Technology experts are working to change how people work in and out of the office by changing how they interact with their physical space....

Elevator Speech Part 1: The Market Story

Can you describe your business in 60 seconds? In grad-level venture contests, and in startup groups and the startup eco-system, they call it “the...

3 Ways to Save Time and Money Looking for Startup Loans

Finding loans to start a business can be time consuming and costly if you are not careful. While it does not usually actually cost anything to apply for a loan moneywise, it does cost time, and time is money.

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