10 Businesses You Can Start for $1,000 or Less

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow. – Traditional English proverb. I’m willing to wager that many of you reading this have a regular routine of stopping...

How to Start a Photography Business

Here are four tips to position your business to make real money (and avoid sleepless nights). You'll have a business and not just an expensive hobby.

Buying an Ad vs. PR Efforts to Support Your Franchise

Unless your franchise agreement has a specific clause preventing you from marketing above and beyond your required regulations, you would do well to consider the question of ad purchases versus a public relations effort to boost your bottom line sales.

4 Easy Steps to Boost Your Small Business Marketing

There’s no doubt that marketing a small business is more difficult than ever. The sheer number of options available, whether it’s through traditional media...

Franchise Success Rates

Choosing a franchise opportunity is a big decision, and big decisions are usually risky. So it’s natural to try to get some kind of...

How to Start a Business on $200

Knot & Bow founder Erin Ozer talks organic growth, hiring tipping points, and the importance of risk. Opportunity is all about perspective. Some people look...

How to Ensure a Good Fit for You in a Franchise

While inquiring about how to ensure a good fit for each candidate might seem like an obvious FranNet consideration, there is a clear cut reason why some franchisees fail to achieve real success in the world of entrepreneurship.

3 Benefits to Bootstrapping Your Company

Recently, the St. Louis Business Journal described 2013 as the year "St. Louis tech took the money and ran," profiling just how much money our city's tech startups raised last year. The number is pretty impressive: $56M+ from just our top five startups.

How to Take Your Philanthropic Passion and Turn It into a Startup

Starting a nonprofit is similar to starting a business, and as any accomplished entrepreneur will tell you, having a solid plan with positive people behind you makes all the difference.

Top 7 Tips for Individuals Starting a Pharmacy Business

Many people are tired of the chain pharmacies and want more of a personal feeling. With a small, independent pharmacy business, the pharmacists can get to know their clients, and the clients can feel a bit more confident that they are being taken care of. So how does someone start a pharmacy business?

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