Millennials: Let’s Get It All on the Table

To the millennials I say: prove you're a hard worker and strive for success. To everyone else: Let them.

Is Crowdfunding Still a Good Way to Gain Investment?

The rise of crowdfunding was an abrupt and noisy one. The major platforms that allow people to invest small amounts in speculative projects, the...

6 Hot Tips to Create an Office Space Your Employees Won’t Want to Leave

There’s no denying that working in an office environment can be insanely tedious. Walled in white boxes with bland colors, unsatisfying layouts and cluttered...

A Franchisee’s Transferable Skills

Do you dream of opening your own franchise business because you're not happy with your job? It happens. Your boss might be driving you crazy. Your coworkers might be the reason for your malaise. Or it could be that you're feeling suffocated because you're not using your skills.

How to Create a Color Scheme for Your Brand

Every day we're bombarded by thousands of colors, and each one has an effect on our thoughts and emotions. Research reveals that we make subconscious judgments within just 90 seconds of viewing a product or space, and 62–90% of this judgment is based on color alone!

How to Reduce Startup Risk Using Existing Technology

It may not be as sexy, but starting a new business which builds on an existing technology or business model is usually less risky...

Entrepreneurial Lessons from Detroit

Guaranteed lifelong employment and the comfortable pensions enjoyed by our parents and grandparents are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The once-risky path of entrepreneurship seems increasingly less fraught with peril when compared with the ever-present prospect of layoffs faced by regular employees.

No One Is Going to Pay You for Your Ideas

Untested ideas are like unwritten novels. All unwritten novels are brilliant—on the minds of would-be authors who didn't write them.

5 New Trends in Corporate Design

Office spaces are no longer a bland land of cubicles and white-washed walls. Companies finally realized that when employees actually want to be at work, they will be more productive.

Elevator Speech Part 4: Delivery

So in my last three posts, I’ve written about a simple one-minute business description that every business owner should know, which I’m calling “the...

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