The Golden Rule in Selling

There is a golden rule in selling: "Spend more time with better prospects." So, what are the characteristics of an ideal or "better" prospect? Below listed are 7.

How Small Business Owners Can Take Advantage of Black Friday

Black Friday took on its ever-so-famous name in Philadelphia in the early 1960s when the city would be packed with people and vehicles on the Friday after Thanksgiving. In recent times, it has become a major "holiday" for commerce.

“Let’s See How Much We Can Confuse Our Customers!”

If we want to optimize our results, we can't confuse our customers or channel partners. We have to design buying experiences from their points of view. The challenges it creates for our own organizations to achieve their goals is our problem to solve, not the customer's or the channel partners.

Selling to Whole Foods: 6 Steps to Success

Getting your product into national chains is never easy, but the rewards are big if you are persistent. The following steps will put you on the road to success.

Loyalty is not Black and White

There have been a number of articles written regarding loyalty as if it were a black-and-white topic. The authors have made loyalty appear to be a term something like pregnancy. You're either pregnant or you're not.

Funnel/Pipeline Games

The funnel/pipeline is a fundamental tool for sales professionals and managers. It's the tool that helps us understand whether we are on target to meeting our goals. I spend a lot of time looking at funnels. I've seen all sorts of issues and potential games (inadvertent and purposeful) that are played with pipelines. I thought I'd spend a little time on a few of them.

Improve Sales by Taking Away Their Freedom

Common sense says increased variety and more freedom of choice will make people happier. But studies show it does the exact opposite. It actually makes them unhappy.

The Secret of Selling Need Not Be a Secret

I've often said that, at it's very essence, selling was about finding out what people wanted, and simply helping them to get it. When you see selling in that light, it's so much easier and more fulfilling.

A $300 Informercial Marketing Lesson for Free!

For the first time ever, I bought a product being sold on an infomercial. Yep. You can pick up a lot of good marketing ideas just from watching infomercials. You can pick up even more when you decide to actually order something.

Questions as Weapons

Too often, as business professionals, we use questions as weapons. We ask questions with an agenda. We're not looking for answers. We're not looking to learn.

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