Selling Against the Odds

Traveling salesmen used to get people to handle their merchandise so they could fully appreciate their unique qualities. Human nature being what it is, once a customer had the product in their hands, they were much less likely to give it back.

Don’t Answer That Objection!

A few days ago, I was tagging along with a sales person on a call. It started well, then the customer expressed an objection. That's when things started to go wrong.

How to Keep Your Sales Team from Losing the Human Element

There's no shortage of methods to help maintain the human element that's so often lacking in an automated world. If we didn't remind ourselves to engage with our users on a human level, we'd lose touch with their wants and needs. And much like a pharmaceutical company, we need the feedback provided by human interaction.

Taking Your Pitch on the Road: 5 Tips for Selling at Trade Shows

Trade shows can be tough if you don't plan how you're going to land prospects. To deliver your pitch, you must draw attention to your company and stand out from the competition.

5 Steps for Getting Your Product Into Stores

Compared to department stores, boutiques and small retailers are generally easier to work with, as long as you set the payment terms upfront.

Imagine Making a Sales Call Without Mentioning the Product

We want to meet customers, we're excited about what we have to sell, we just need someone willing to listen to us. But customers have changed. They don't care. They really don't want to hear about our products.

A Champion Sales Team is Trained, Not Born

Champions don't win due to luck. They win because they're prepared and create opportunities. Start reverse engineering your winning strategy and developing your salespeople's skills.

How Do Our Customers Make Money?

At the core of everything we do as sales people, it's about making money, that is producing revenue for our companies. But that's not what drives our success as sales people.

Stop Wasting Your Time on Social Selling?

Recently, someone wrote me saying: "I have absolutely no idea how you have time to spend so long on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, plus write articles for every site imaginable—and respond to all the comments?"

Create Copy That Sells

Having a great product is only half the battle when it comes to making a sale. You also need a convincing argument to your potential customer that yours is the best product available. You must sell the customer on your goods, and to do that you have to have great sales copy.

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