Sending Unsubscribed Email Hurts Your Brand

As if keeping up with emails isn't challenging enough, I find my inbox filled with new promotional messages (SPAM) every day. And, no, I'm not talking about scams from overseas con artists. I'm talking about North American companies and start-ups that believe their products and services will be valuable to me as a blogger/marketer.

Insight Is Not the End—It’s the Beginning

Insight is the starting point. Our Insights should create a dialogue or conversation. It should begin a collaborative process, where we and the customer evaluate what it means for them. If our Insight doesn't start a conversation, we have failed. If we can't sustain the conversation, we have failed.

Focused Sales Presentations

One of the basic tenets of sales you should keep in mind is that people don't want what something is, they want what it does. As the famous example goes, nobody wants a quarter-inch drill; what they want is a quarter-inch hole. People want what your product or service does, not what it is.

Shifting Our Perspective: Who Has the Problem We Solve?

The shift in perspective is small, but its impact on our results is profound. Stop looking for people to sell your products, services, and solutions to. Look for the people who have the problems you solve.

Talking About Features, Advantages, and Benefits

So many people get caught up in talking, especially salespeople, about features. Someone comes into your store, or on the telephone, or across the desk, and you are so focused on what your product does that you don't talk about the benefits they are going to get from it. So remember to talk about the features and the advantages of those features, and the benefits that your customer is going to receive.

How to Get to Yes

We all love to hear more yeses and Yes is the key to more sales in any direct sales business. Here is a simple system to boost your number of yeses so that you can increase sales and make more money from home.

The Power of Just ONE More Unit

There is such leverage in high gross profit margins once a company is past break-even. Every dollar of gross profit falls to the bottom line, increasing net profit faster with each transaction. The point is that once a company is stable at or above the break-even point, one incremental unit generates robust increases in net profit.

Becoming a Government Contractor: Where to Start?

Once you realize that your business needs the world's largest purchaser (U.S. government municipalities) as a customer, the next step is to determine how to become a government contractor. The following is a framework for how to initiate this process.

Competing for Mindshare or Meaningshare

Mindshare is top of mind (so to speak) in most marketing and sales conversations. How do we capture the hearts, minds and imaginations of customers? It seems, however, we are talking about the wrong thing.

Who Is the Customer?

Clearly identifying the customer is critical in focusing our sales and marketing where we have the greatest insights, where we have the greatest impact, and where we get the greatest return on our investment in time and resources. Doing this focuses us on the customer where we create the greatest value.

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