Improve Sales by Taking Away Their Freedom

Common sense says increased variety and more freedom of choice will make people happier. But studies show it does the exact opposite. It actually makes them unhappy.

The Secret of Selling Need Not Be a Secret

I've often said that, at it's very essence, selling was about finding out what people wanted, and simply helping them to get it. When you see selling in that light, it's so much easier and more fulfilling.

A $300 Informercial Marketing Lesson for Free!

For the first time ever, I bought a product being sold on an infomercial. Yep. You can pick up a lot of good marketing ideas just from watching infomercials. You can pick up even more when you decide to actually order something.

Questions as Weapons

Too often, as business professionals, we use questions as weapons. We ask questions with an agenda. We're not looking for answers. We're not looking to learn.

Sales Tips: Feel, Felt, Found

What do you do when someone gives you an objection? What do you do when they have some particular objection to your product, or your service, or even the entire appointment? The "feel, felt, found" formula gives you a way to handle that objection.

How to Target Your Government Sales Activities

So you have decided you want to "get a piece" of the $6 trillion U.S. government agencies are spending each year. Now the more challenging question is: Where should you focus your sales / business-development activities to win some of this business?

Learn How to Establish a Sense of Urgency

In any business, when you can establish a sense of urgency, people will be more proactive in working with you. When you can establish a sense of urgency in others, it will pay off in increased sales.

Shooting from the Lip

Customers don't want a knee jerk reaction. They don't want the rehearsed response. They want to invest their time with people who are prepared, who are ready to engage in high impact conversations about their businesses.

Belief and Confidence: Critical for Sales Success

To be successful as sales professionals we have to believe in ourselves. We have to have confidence in working with our customers, in our abilities to bring value to and influence our customers.

Use Non-Aggressive Upselling to Gain and Keep Customers

Upselling is the art of helping a customer understand that they can't live without something they didn't know they wanted. It's about awakening the sleeping giant of desire with a non-aggressive, gentle nudge instead of an obnoxious air-horn.

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