Stop Wasting Your Time on Social Selling?

Recently, someone wrote me saying: "I have absolutely no idea how you have time to spend so long on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, plus write articles for every site imaginable—and respond to all the comments?"

Create Copy That Sells

Having a great product is only half the battle when it comes to making a sale. You also need a convincing argument to your potential customer that yours is the best product available. You must sell the customer on your goods, and to do that you have to have great sales copy.

80% of Our Revenue Comes From…

Data is powerful. We're all enamored with analytics and what they can tell us about our customers and our business. But data can also be very dangerous if we really don't understand it.

How Your Small Business Can Transform a Reluctant Buyer

You can't always turn a reluctant customer into a buyer. Your product simply isn't going to be right for everyone. But I think it's more important to understand the bigger picture and take an "organic" approach to turning the corner and closing the sale with a reluctant buyer, and it all starts with your self image.

How Do You Differentiate Yourself?

Data shows 53% of customer loyalty is a result of their personal experiences in the buying process. This means the value we, sales professionals, create in the buying process is critical to our ability to win.

What Call Volume Says About Your Sales Team

Call volume, or the number of dials made, is a top line measure of how your outbound prospecting team is doing. It is an indicator of each rep's effort, not the caliber of their calls. But dials that lead to deals can only happen if your reps invest a lot of time into dialing.

Tips to a Successful Outreach Strategy

It's true that your best customers are regular buyers. However, customers have a shelf life, too. There's only so much new revenue you can generate from old customers, so outreach has to be part of any marketing strategy.

Will Your Prospects Read a 10-Page Sales Pitch?

If I can put a compelling letter in your hands that talks all about one of your major interests, chances are you'll read it. Doesn't matter whether it's five pages or 10 pages or 20-plus.

Insight, Clarity, Execution

We all struggle to change, to do new things, to grow, to implement new strategies, initiatives, and programs. Too often, we and our customers fall short. We don't quite achieve the goal, we change midstream, we abandon what we were seeking to achieve, pursuing something completely different.

When Salespeople Don’t Sell

What happens when sales people don't do what they have the skills to do? When economies are good and businesses are humming along, many sales people joke that products sell themselves. But once the economy catches up and sales numbers drop, this is where the real talent rises to the surface.

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