Deal Value or Buyer Value?

Focusing on deal value colors our strategies and focus. However subtly, everything becomes “what we get from the deal.” But we get nothing unless the buyer gets superior value from our solution and chooses it. So deal value is meaningless unless we understand buyer value.

“I Need An Excuse to Get Back Into the Customer”

I hear it all the time: “I need an excuse to get back into the customer.” Creating excuses to get back into the customer is nothing but old sales mythology. It does nothing to serve us or the customer.

Don’t Confuse Buying and Selling!

Buyers and sellers are different sides of the same coin. Without each other, it is difficult to achieve our goals. Effective buying and selling has to be aligned to a common goal—driven by the customer. But we can’t confuse our roles.

Selling With Free Trials and Product Demos

One of the most popular ways to turn a prospect into a customer is offering a product demo or a limited-time free trial. What makes them such great ways to market your product or service to potential clients is that it lets them really interact with what you’re selling and experience first-hand what they would be getting. But which options are right for you?

How to Build a Powerful Sales Team

Your salespeople need to be the very best you can find, and great salespeople can be hard to find. On any given sales team, a small percentage of the force does a majority of the business, and your goal is to increase the percentage of your team that is making big contributions to your sales totals. Here are a few tips you can follow to build a powerful sales team.

Unique Selling Propositions

When you start your business, you will probably be competing with a number of other companies. Why should customers come to you instead of them? The trick to setting your business apart is creating a Unique Selling Proposition.

We All Sell

Whether you consider yourself as being in sales, we all are; we sell our ideas, concepts, beliefs, and products. A sale is based on finding out what somebody wants or needs, and showing them how to get it. Selling requires helping.

Sales Objections

People can cite hundreds of reasons to not buy something. But ultimately, those reasons all boil down to 4 objections that you might run into at any step in the sales process. If you know your product or service, you can prepare for these objections and have an answer for your prospects.

Comfortable Sales Environment

To get someone to buy, they must be comfortable with their decision. If someone answers your presentation with an objection, do you know how to turn that objection into a reason to buy? Many times, that can be the exact reason somebody needs in order to make a positive decision.

Better Sales Methods

People are really just interested in two things. They might describe them a hundred different ways, but here is what they are interested in: How much does it cost, and what will it do for me? If you can answer those questions, you are on your way to a successful business.

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