Product Liability Law in Additive Manufacturing: 4 Tips to Make Sure You’re Covered

Additive manufacturing, a.k.a. 3D printing, is one of the most important advances in manufacturing, period. And with 3D printers becoming more available (and affordable)...

Critical Info to Know About Minimum Wage Law in Your Area

As a small business owner, it's important to pay your employees at or above the legal minimum wage. As you probably know, the minimum wage is the lowest hourly rate that you as an employer can pay your employees.

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Trade Secrets from the Competition

A trade secret is information that is valuable and unique to a business, and it is not accessible to people outside of the business. Federal and state law protects trade secrets, but business owners must follow a few rules to legally protect their documents.

7 Simple Steps You Can Use to Stop Workers’ Comp Fraud

All businesses have a fair share of formal and informal procedures and processes to ensure efficiency in dealing with customers and effectiveness of operating...

5 Ways to Reduce Your Company’s Legal Fees

Whether you just need help drawing up policies to help reduce liability, setting up plans for how to handle any potential litigation, or determining...

5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Contracts

No matter the industry, contracts are essential in business. If you plan to start your own business, you will have contracts with clients, employees, and third party entities in order to protect your company and agree on terms and services.

Contract Agreements Every Small Business Should Have in Place

It might be tempting to seal a deal with a handshake. After all, verbal formalities just slow things down—and as a small business owner, you've got countless other things to do to run your business. However, having the proper contracts in place will give you and your business solid legal protection should the need arise.

6 Important Things to Consider When Preparing a Will

At some point we all come to the reality that we will not live forever. This rude awakening usually comes just in time for many...

Entrepreneurs: Employment Law is Not on Your Side!

Small companies most often scrape by with borrowed or invested funds, doing everything possible to grow and prosper with limited resources. So, it is...

Guide to Writing a Contract

The five steps to writing a contract are checking to see if there is an offer, accepting an offer, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contract, putting it in writing, and printing, copying, and signing the contract.

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