7 Insane Employee Perks at Tech Companies

No such thing as a free lunch? Not true when you're an employee of Twitter, Facebook, Eventbrite, Google, AirBnB, or Zynga. As you can see in this infographic put together by the team at WhoIsHostingThis.com, tech companies are redefining employee perks and corporate culture.

Interview Questions to Avoid and a Safe Job Offer Letter

There have been plenty of articles and advice columns written about the questions you should ask during an interview. But what about the questions you shouldn't ask?

5 Ways to Weed Out the Wrong Candidates

Are you in the process of hiring more employees for your company? Recruiting and interviewing candidates is a long and tedious process, but if you can perfect the hiring formula, your business can flourish and enjoy unprecedented success.

Can Psychometric Testing Help You Find Better Candidates?

There are two words that often strike fear into the heart of even the most well-prepared job applicant: Psychometric. Testing.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

There is an abundance of distractions that prevent employees from being as productive as possible. From cell phones to lack of motivation to employee discomfort, these distractions can cost your company thousands of dollars in wasted time.

Crowdsourcing Your Org Chart: Why You Should Collaborate on HR Docs

When was the last time you looked at your company's organizational chart? If it's been a while, you should think about the purpose—and potential—of this document.

How Your Company Can Compete for Top Talent

You think you know how to get the best people—Or do you? Investing in finding the right employees does actually affect your workforce performance, but do you know which ones to invest in to achieve top performance when competing to find the right employee?

What To Do When a Disgruntled Employee Has Access to Important Info

Dealing with a disgruntled employee is never a fun experience, and there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that no confidential information finds its way into the wrong hands.

Your Character Traits Need to Match the Job

Assessing characteristics of a current employee or a potential employee and matching their character with a suitable role within your company is not only vital to the success of your employees but also your business.

Freelancers are the New Entrepreneurs for Services

You don't need to invent an innovative product to be a real entrepreneur. Self-employed services specialists are just as important, and most often operate remotely (from anywhere in the world) in this age of the Internet. Many of these new entrepreneurs were regular employees a few years ago, focused on a skill specialty. They are not the generalists required for new product startups.

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