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Consider Hiring International Students to Give Your Business a Global Presence

By: Danielle Ward


Consider Hiring International Students

The thirst for success is the life force of any enterprise, since a stagnant business is as good as obsolete. Many small and medium-scale entrepreneurs are engaged in intense competition, trying to climb up the ladder to make it to the top.

The changed market scenario

Unlike previous years, small and medium scale enterprises are now in abundance, which means competition is fiercer than ever. This sudden rise of competition is due to a number of reasons, some of which are as follows:

  • Better economic conditions
  • Government incentives and subsidies
  • Increase in demand
  • Cost effective and time saving manufacturing techniques
  • Advancement in technology
  • Reduced dependence on labor force

Although the market conditions are favorable and present ample opportunities for profit maximization, a small-scale business is not all fun and games. Budding entrepreneurs have to work very hard, take massive risks and play smart to make it big in the market. New and innovative business and marketing solutions are the need of the hour.

Novel methods of business expansion

As a budding businessperson you can apply these simple yet effective solutions to expand your business and venture out into the global market:

  • Shift your business to a virtual platform
  • Outsource your work
  • Hire fresh graduates from prestigious universities outside the U.S.
  • Enhances communications skills to build contacts

How can global graduates boost your business?

Going global sounds pretty easy but it requires a lot of planning and time. Better arm yourself with adequate information before venturing out into the unknown. In order to create a good reputation in the international market, you should have all the necessary data from authentic resources, such as customer preference, market demand and competition. This is where your employees come in handy, by hiring foreign graduates of American universities or including managers who are well travelled and would bring some reliable international knowledge onto the table.

If you’re a small-scale entrepreneur operating in the United States, then you’d have very lucrative opportunities in hiring the best of graduates from prestigious universities, as the U.S. offers a wide mix of different nationalities and cultures. Mentioned below are some reasons why recruiting a student graduated out of a foreign institution is also a good idea for your business:

Better managerial skills

Incorporating foreign students into the managerial hierarchy of your organization can be pretty fruitful as they bring with them fresh ideas and unique business solutions that might not have made it to the U.S. Most enterprises usually prefer young graduates from established institutions, for they are well trained and have the necessary skills to become good managers, successfully meeting all your expectations.

Better insights into the local language and culture

Hiring students from different nationalities and cultures also adds a bit of diversity into the workspace. They know about the local languages, cultures and conventions better than any outsider, which comes in handy during brand promotions and advertising. Recruiting students from foreign universities is a good way of building solid relations with the locals.

First-hand knowledge of the customer preferences

Students who have lived in foreign countries know better about the local preferences as well as the social, economic and political conditions. This knowledge is crucial for an enterprise as it helps you formulate policies and business strategies accordingly.

Cost efficient and time saving

No small scale entrepreneur intends to restrict himself to his local country. An entrepreneur always has bigger dreams, wanting to take over the international market.  Business expansion means having different offices and outlets overseas. Recruiting the locals of that nation is considerably cheaper and easier than sending out managers from your country to the foreign office.

Flexibility of operation

Students who have studied in a foreign country find it easier to adjust according to the dynamics of the organization. Mostly these fresh graduates have no problem in overseas business tours and inspection trips. Also most foreign students are bilingual; they are much more flexible and functional in a foreign environment than those who have never left their country.

The Bottom Line

The path-breaking policies of globalization have opened endless possibilities for newbies to expand their business overseas. Going international is the quickest way to increase sales and gain a wider customer base, while adding diversity and innovation to your enterprise.

Published: August 22, 2016

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