Customer Congruency: What Are We Promising Our Customers?

As a business, we try to get our customers to perceive us a certain way. In the end, the customer determines if we have succeeded. What promises are we making to our customers?

3 Simple Steps to Help You Win the Customer Service Race

Excellent customer service is a hot commodity in today's challenging economic environment. One way is to treat employees the way you expect them to treat your customers—and each other.

4 Ways to Improve Your Customer Relationship Management

In every industry, no matter what you are selling, or what service you provide, there is some level of customer service or "customer-company interaction." If your company is losing customers, or getting bad reviews, you may need to change your tactics.

What is Happening to Loyalty?

In difficult economic times price becomes a significant variable. However, customers know value and understand the implications of good customer service versus poor customer service.

“How was everything?” Not a Great Customer Service Question!

"How was everything?" Have you been asked this question by a hotel front desk clerk, a server at a restaurant, or a car salesman after a demo ride? How likely is it that your response is either true or complete?

Customer Service Must Be Judged on a Relative Basis

So many firms are starting to understand just how important it is that they know how their customers evaluate the customer service that they provide. It seems like every day we all get multiple inquires about the quality of service which they rendered.

Proactive vs. Reactive Customer Service

In preparation for a presentation to a client recently, I was asked to stress proactive vs. reactive service. They complimented their account reps on being very good at reactive, but saw the need to go to the next level and be more proactive.

Don’t Set Customer Expectations You Can’t Meet

Interactivity is one of the benefits of the web, and most people assume their questions will be answered in a timely fashion—usually not more than 24 to 48 hours.

5 Steps to Customer Service Glory

Sadly, the personal touch customers want—and deserve—is often lost in the daily grind of doing business, especially in larger companies. Too often the leaders do not model the very behaviors they expect from their teams.

5 Customer Service Tips to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

Ah, Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, quite possibly the busiest shopping day of the year. Even if you're not a retailer, read on. There are lessons here that can be applied to any business that experiences a "busy season."

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