Partial Customer Satisfaction

Customers want choice. For many businesses, an important aspect of keeping customers happy is giving them options to tailor the product or service to their liking.

How to Offer Unbeatable Customer Service on the Phone

Even with the rise of the internet over the past 20 years, a great deal of business is still done over the phone, and if you are one of the millions working in customer service, a confident, adaptable phone manner could be one of the most vital skills in your arsenal.

Customer Service Apology is Stronger with a Personal Touch

The personal touch can make all the difference. It is often unexpected, and always appreciated. You may not be able to drive to a customer's office to personally apologize, but you can write a personal thank you note.

The Customer’s Taste Buds Are Always Right

When I tasted the Greenwich Pizza "Garden Delight" in the Philippines, my taste buds got a shock! The pizza was covered with sweet tomato sauce and the cheese on top was cheddar.

Laziness and Apathy are Customer Service Killers

Most people in front-line customer service jobs want to work hard, be helpful, and take care of the customer. No matter what the reason behind bad incidents the really bad thing is that they can create a negative impression for the business. The customer experience is lost.

Recognizing and Responding to Institutional Customer Complaints

An institutional complaint happens when a customer complains about the way you do business. Usually the complaint is issued to a front line employee who has no control over the concern identified.

Is Your Customer Service Too Well Done?

Don't let ease of process ever overrule a customized service experience in your business. Today's consumers want service their way in the channel of their choice! What are the choices available to your consumers and how are they presented?

Why Employees Need Guidelines, Not Just Rules

Rules are an essential part of any business. Rules are necessary to ensure we make intentional decisions. Rules are written to make sure people are treated equally and consistently. But it's impossible to make rules to govern every possible scenario that may occur.

Are National Retailers Outpacing Locals on Customer Service?

The folks at at Software Advice—a free resource for customer service technology reviews—just concluded a six-month project called "The Great Retail Experience Race: Local vs. National." The research was designed to compare the customer experience of five small retailers and five comparable national chain stores.

5 Ways to Show Your Customers That You Value Their Business

Customers like to feel appreciated. Chances are you have one—or probably several—competitors that can do exactly what you do. One of the keys to brand loyalty is to let your customers know you care.

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