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Why Good Customer Service Isn’t Enough

By: Teresa Allen


Why Good Customer Service Isnt Enough

You might think that your business has “pretty good” customer service. Congratulations! That’s a whole lot better than having “pretty bad” customer service. But don’t rest on your laurels just yet. Think about the organizations that YOU chose to do business with. Are you more likely to select a service provider that is “pretty good” or one that is AWESOME?

A study by JD Power points out that in numerous industries, the difference between a customer who is pleased and a customer who is delighted is HUGE. The big difference is in the repurchase rate.

The Facts

In many industries the repurchase rate DOUBLES when a customer moves from PLEASED to DELIGHTED. Building sales with existing customers will make a direct impact on bottom line profits. In an economy where dollars are scarce to businesses and individuals the impact is magnified; i.e. don’t ask me or my business to hand over scarce dollars without offering a real bang for the buck!

Your Action Step

So what can YOUR business do to move the needle of satisfaction from PLEASED to DELIGHTED? Why not get your team together THIS WEEK and build a strategy for 2016 on this goal? That’s kind of broad so let’s make it more specific. Issue a challenge to each employee to identify ONE THING they could personally do to DELIGHT a customer! Also ask your team for suggestions on how your organization as a whole could make changes to generate delight with customers.

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By the way… I’m not just PLEASED to be connected to YOU…. I’m absolutely DELIGHTED. I would love to hear from you and share YOUR new strategy for customer delight with our readers. Post a comment below.

Published: November 10, 2015

Source: Allen Speaks

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