Improving Your Business Credit Score

Your business’s credit score is based on the same principles as your personal score. But there are scenarios where your credit score may not accurately reflect your business’s financial stability. If you feel that is the case, here are some steps you can take to improve your score.

The 411 on Online Lenders

Online business loans are a quick and relatively easy way to get funds. However, there are often risks, too, including very high interest rates...

How Not to Spend a Loan

So you realize you now have the option to obtain financing. Your credit is good, you are on steady ground, you have collateral, and...

What to Do If You Default on a Business Loan

Defaulting on an existing loan can significantly damage your FICO score and increase interest rates as well. When it comes to a business loan, defaulting doesn't always mean the end of the business.

Trusting Your Finance Provider: Viable Merchant Cash Advances vs. Scams

There are more ways for merchants to secure money for their businesses than ever before. It wasn't long ago that a merchant either borrowed money from a bank or asked their father-in-law for a helping hand.

Where to Go When the Bank Says No

A recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found 90 percent of small businesses have had their loan request rejected by...

Protecting Your Business from Credit Reporting Errors

Given the importance of a strong credit rating to a small business owner, any possible error that might occur on a business's credit report might have a devastating effect on that business's future prospects.

When and From Where Should I Seek Business Funding?

There are many reasons why a business may require an injection of funds. Before you seek finance it is crucial that you establish whether...

Effective Small Business Lending Advice for Coffee Shops

Because so many Americans drink multiple cups a day, people are reliant on coffee shops and cafes for their daily caffeine intake. Are you doing your best to serve them well so they'll keep coming back?

5 Ways to Vastly Improve Your Chances of Getting a Loan

To say that finding the right funding is important to the prospects of small businesses would certainly be something of an understatement. It can,...

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