Trusting Your Finance Provider: Viable Merchant Cash Advances vs. Scams

There are more ways for merchants to secure money for their businesses than ever before. It wasn't long ago that a merchant either borrowed money from a bank or asked their father-in-law for a helping hand.

How Not to Spend a Loan

So you realize you now have the option to obtain financing. Your credit is good, you are on steady ground, you have collateral, and...

How to Know if Borrowing is Right for Your Business

Big bank lending to small businesses is increasing. In addition to traditional loans, you may find yourself receiving unsolicited credit card offers from major banks.

An Overview of Traditional Financing

When you're looking to raise funds to start or grow your small business, the usual place to start is the bank. Bank financing is a tried and true source of capital for many small businesses. Traditional financing will generally provide the most affordable, if not the easiest, access to the funding your business needs.

Looking for a Loan? Go Local, Small Business Owner, Go Local!

The first lesson a respected college professor taught his students was to not trust academic "experts." If you look at the track record of these so-called experts, it's never very impressive.

Growth Requires a Different Kind of Capital

Growing companies usually require more working capital during their periods of rapid growth. In past insights we have calculated the amount of additional capital needed for a business as it grows, and the additional capital required is often surprisingly large.

How to Get a Business Loan in 3 Easy Steps

No matter where you stand regarding your business, there’s a good chance you will, at some point, need to find a source of outside...

5 Tips for Applying for an Online Loan

It’s no secret that small businesses are critical to the nation’s economic prosperity. After all, they employ nearly half of all U.S. workers. With...

The Decline in Small Business Lending: Cause and Effect

Small business lending has declined significantly since the recession, but why? It's too easy and insufficient to just blame it on a poor economy. The truth is the economy is improving, business owners are optimistic and one would think that, with an improved economy, lending would increase.

Walmart Acquired ModCloth But Left Customers Unhappy

The news of Walmart acquiring clothing and apparel giant ModCloth has spread like wildfire. Skeptics and industry leaders have shown mixed reactions to the...

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