When Alternative Lending Options May Be Best

There are times when traditional financing options just won't cut it for whatever reason. Maybe your credit isn't the best, or maybe you just don't have time to wade through all of the red tape.

Common Pitfalls When Seeking Financing for Your Small Business

Small business owners often seek working capital to help with business growth, refinance existing business debt, or to purchase/update technology or equipment. When you...

With Dental Revenues Soaring, Private Practices Must Play Catch Up

With industry revenues expected to soar in the coming decade, your practice should be positioning itself to take advantage of the opportunities expected to come your way.

3 Alternative Ways to Finance Your Small Business

As a small business, finding access to finance when you need it most can be very challenging and might seem impossible but there are alternatives to taking out bank loans or using your own personal funds to overcome a cash flow crisis.

How Not to Spend a Loan

So you realize you now have the option to obtain financing. Your credit is good, you are on steady ground, you have collateral, and...

What to Do If You Default on a Business Loan

Defaulting on an existing loan can significantly damage your FICO score and increase interest rates as well. When it comes to a business loan, defaulting doesn't always mean the end of the business.

How to Know if Borrowing is Right for Your Business

Big bank lending to small businesses is increasing. In addition to traditional loans, you may find yourself receiving unsolicited credit card offers from major banks.

Walmart Acquired ModCloth But Left Customers Unhappy

The news of Walmart acquiring clothing and apparel giant ModCloth has spread like wildfire. Skeptics and industry leaders have shown mixed reactions to the...

What’s Your D&B D-U-N-S® Number?

"What is your D&B D-U-N-S ® Number?" is one of the first identifying questions we ask as we help a business owner start this process. Oftentimes, business owners are not only unsure what the D-U-N-S Number is, but they're also unaware of the many ways they may be able to leverage it.

What Do Lenders Look At When Evaluating My Loan Application?

When you’re applying for a loan, it helps to think like a lender. That will make the application process simpler, give you a realistic view of your own chances of getting the funding you want, and help you identify steps that will make your business more lender-friendly.

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