Don’t Ignore This 12-Step Program to Good Credit Management

Cash flow is the life blood of all businesses and having too much working capital tied up in late and non-paying customers can spell...

3 Tips for Never Missing Paying a Business Bill

While the need to always get your business bills paid on time seems like a no-brainer, it can be more difficult than you think unless you've got a system in place. The key to never missing a payment all comes down to organization.

Offer Varied Payment Options to Boost Sales and Enter New Markets

With the rise of digital commerce and global payments and the increasingly interlocking global nature of business of all kinds, small business owners have...

How to Use Your Invoices to Finance Your Growing Business

One of the challenges of working in the B2B space is that most commercial clients don't pay their invoices as soon as you deliver your product or service. Instead, companies ask for 30- to 60-day payment terms.

What Kind of Info Should Your Invoices Include?

If you own or manage a small business, invoices are essential to keeping your business running smoothly. By providing your customers an uncomplicated, concise invoice that spells out the products provided or services rendered, you will reduce confusion and head off any potential conflicts about your business transactions.

What’s the Most Important Part of Cash Flow? Invoice Terms

Owning your own business provides a rewarding experience. As your own boss, you can set your hours and your priorities. You are also free...

Reasons to Offer Gift Cards This Holiday Season

Gift cards are extremely popular at large, corporately-owned, big-box stores. But if you proudly own a local small business, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't explore the possibility of offering gift cards to customers this holiday shopping season. Here's why:

Do You Make Receivables Harder to Collect?

I frequently see situations where our clients make it harder to collect their receivables. Here are six of the more common issues.

4 Mobile Payment Myths That Need Busting

While credit and debit card payments have been very popular for quite a while now, and currently tend to be the most popular choice...

6 Best Practices in Billings and Collections

One area where most small-business owners can improve their cash flow is in billings and collections. A thorough credit check before you offer payment...

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