Question of the Week: How to Improve Cash Flow

"Can you give me advice or tips on improving my company's cash flow? I own a small landscaping company and struggle with my receivables."

Innovative Mobile Payment Solutions are on the Rise

Back in 1997, the first mobile payment option was introduced for two Coca-Cola vending machines in Finland. They allowed you to pay by texting,...

How to Handle Customers Who Send Payments Late

It can be very frustrating when customers are not on time with your payments. Especially when you’re a small business just starting out, cash...

What Kind of Info Should Your Invoices Include?

If you own or manage a small business, invoices are essential to keeping your business running smoothly. By providing your customers an uncomplicated, concise invoice that spells out the products provided or services rendered, you will reduce confusion and head off any potential conflicts about your business transactions.

Include Mobile Payments in Your Marketing Strategy

Though incorporating mobile payments into your business model can help you lower costs associated with point-of-sale hardware and improve operational efficiency, they also provide...

Is Accounts Receivable Financing Right for Your Business?

Accounts receivable factoring has worked for many small businesses in obtaining their ultimate success. It is a flexible form of short-term, service-based commercial financing....

The Real Costs of Accepting Credit Cards

While accepting credit cards helps your business bring in more revenue, it does come with a cost. Don't be shocked to find out after you start working with a merchant card processor that there are hidden fees.

7 Simple Ways to Ensure You Get Paid on Time

It’s no secret that running a business is tough. You knew it long before you even started down this path. You’ve heard all the...

Why Your Business Will Switch to E-Invoicing

In December a medium-sized business announced they would launch e-invoicing on New Year’s Day. While the company’s finance department was thrilled, their customers were...

The Art and Science of Modern Invoicing

An invoice is more than just a receipt with a total at the bottom. It is a professional document that signifies the completion of a project or sales transaction. It is also the last impression you make on a client, so it is crucial that it is an accurate reflection of your company's brand and high standards.

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