9 Essential Policies to Improve Your Internal Collections

As a commercial collection law group, we are always asked by small business owners about the best practices for internal collection efforts. Here are...

What Forms of Payment Should Your Small Business Accept?

The next time you're out shopping and supporting the economy, take a quick look at the front door of the store you're about to enter. There's a good chance you will see a sign showing customers which forms of payment the business accepts, typically credit card logos.

The Real Costs of Accepting Credit Cards

While accepting credit cards helps your business bring in more revenue, it does come with a cost. Don't be shocked to find out after you start working with a merchant card processor that there are hidden fees.

10 Terrific Tips for Online Invoicing

An invoice is sometimes the last contact you will have with a client after you have finished a sales transaction. A company's invoice should be detailed, easy to understand, and professional. One great method for ensuring your invoice is an accurate reflection of your business is using an online invoice provider with expert looking invoicing templates and easy to use forms.

Freelancers: Update Your Invoices to Look More Professional

One of the biggest challenges you’re facing as a freelancer is managing your own admin. There’s no HR department that does the dirty work...

5 Signs You Should Fire Your Biggest Client

Bagging the elephant is what many companies shoot for. Although these can be very profitable and present great growth opportunities, you must be careful not to put your business in a compromising and stressful situation.

Your Sales Invoice Should Be a Valuable Tool for Your Company

I’m willing to guess that you’ve given some thought about how your communication looks. You probably have nice stationary and many of you also...

Have Uneven Cash Flow? 5 Ways to Smooth It Out

Small businesses, freelancers and “solopreneurs” alike know all too well that steady, predictable cash flow is a peace of mind that is not always...

Chargebacks: Don’t Let Technology Hurt Your Business

Usually within just a few shorts months of entering the business world, most owners are confronted with a chargeback. If they didn't know what a chargeback was before, they quickly come to loath these financial nightmares.

3 Pros and Cons of Using Mobile POS Systems for Your Small Business

It seems that with every new store I visit, I notice it more and more often: Businesses replacing the traditional point-of-sale cash register with...

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