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How Small Businesses Gain Leverage With Quality Web Design

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It can’t be emphasized enough–an online presence increases the visibility of your business and broadens your brand awareness. Apart from good exposure to your business on social media, you should leverage a good website, too.

Regardless of whether your business is a startup or a small business, you need to design a website to market your business online. The search for products and shopping has shifted to the online space. Thus, when customers search for products online, it would be important to appear on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) and compete with other businesses.

However, you need to ensure that your website is sleek and good enough to appeal to your audience, as well as gives a great user experience. You need good tools like a website planner to achieve the intended purpose. This means that you may need to hire an expert website designer to create for you a website that suits your kind of business.

With a professional website, your business is bound to benefit in the following areas:

Boosts Customer Engagement

Your customers will have the advantage of interacting with your brand more, not only offline, but also online. In case your customers need a certain product from your business, they can order it from the business website without having to come to your premises. Thus, a website increases the interaction time between your customers and your business. More engaged customers tend to purchase more, and advocate for your products and services.

You can improve the engagement of your customers with your website by ensuring that your audience finds the information they’re seeking on your site. Therefore, make your website intuitive for navigation. For an interactive website:

  • Include A Search Bar: Let your visitors get what they need by having a search handle on your website.
  • Keep The Pages Minimum: Few website pages make it easy to find what your customers are searching for. Avoid unnecessary pages, as multiple pages may baffle your visitors. Include important information, such as Company History and About Us.
  • Link Your Logo To The Home Page: Many people click on the logo to go back to the home page. Thus, let every page have the logo linked to the home page for quick navigation on your website.
  • Organize Your Menu: Dropdown menu works best in directing your customers where they can find relevant information.

Attracts More Shoppers

Online shoppers, especially individuals using mobile devices, are projected to increase in the coming years. If you can guarantee the cybersecurity of your website, it’ll improve your clients’ trust and enable them to shop online. In most cases, when a customer purchases a product from your site, they may end up telling their friends or family to buy from you. Thus, they become ambassadors for your products.

A quality website gives you exposure in the search engine. What you should do is to ensure that your website is SEO-optimized. Optimize your web pages with the right keywords so that your customers can find you on the search engine. A highly optimized website will shoot at the top of the SERPs, such that you’ll have more clients visiting your website.

With a website, you can move your business from being local to being national or international. Thus, you can have customers from anywhere in the globe. Many ecommerce businesses are serving the global market in this manner. You only need to have elaborate delivery systems to cover customers all over the world.

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Gives Your Brand Credibility

Many customers tend to leave a website because of a lack of good design. A website that isn’t professionally designed may turn off potential customers. People tend to attribute genuineness and authenticity to websites that are good-looking, and which give them the right information.

Customer Loyalty

With your website, it’s easier to do emailing and text lists. Visitors can voluntarily submit their contacts and emails through your website. Using these emails and contacts, you can send personalized emails and texts to your customers concerning new products, sales, or other important pieces of information.

Continued communication with your customers helps in establishing good relationships with them, which may turn them into loyal and repeat customers. Loyal customers give you an edge against your competitors in the market, which helps in boosting your revenues.

It’s a hard task attracting customers to your website. Thus, it’s important to do all that you can to retain your customers. When your customers are pleased with the overall use of your website, there’s a high chance of coming back, for easy conversion into loyal customers.

In return, once they’re satisfied with your products, they can boost referrals. Referrals are over 50% able to purchase as they already understand your products.

Access To Analytics

Websites have the capacity of permitting your business to use digital engagement metrics for creating web content and advertisements. You can then track these metrics, and then analyze and improve them for better customer attraction and user effectiveness. In case you’re using your social media accounts for your advertisements, you can also use the website link on social media advertisements to level up your website engagement.

Improves Brand Awareness

Your website is a platform through which you can expose your business online. It’s an avenue for telling your visitors what your product is all about. Make a great impression on your customers by ensuring that your website design reflects your brand. Thus, let your brand typography and colors be consistent on your website and other platforms.

Have a catchphrase or slogan placed at strategic places on your websites. Your visitors will be able to recall this phrase whenever they want to buy that product, which may lead them back to your website.

Testimonials And Social Proof

On your website, you can give a provision where your customers can leave reviews after buying your products. You can also follow up with your buyers to ask them to leave their testimonials about your brand. This is key to other visitors.

When a potential customer finds positive product reviews on your website, it means that your brand is worth their money.

On the other hand, a review that highlights something wrong with your product helps you know the areas that you need to focus for improvement. Ensure that you engage your customers until they’re satisfied so that your later customers will be aware that the problem your product had already been resolved.

Final Thoughts

A good website is important for the growth of your small business. Thus, you need to have it designed by a reputable website designer. There’s no telling how far your website can take your small business through improved revenues and better customer engagement. It also grants your business credibility, increases your market outreach, and helps you conduct marketing analytics for your brand.

Author: Sunshine Mendell is a marketing technology expert. She has been sharing her expertise online through guest posting. During her free time, she plays badminton, do yoga, and travel. She is married with three kids.

Published: August 6, 2021

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