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Explore the Viability and Strategy of Reseller Hosting in 2024  

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When and how is reseller hosting viable in 2024, how to choose a parent host, how to create a hosting package to offer, pricing your services.

Is reseller hosting viable in 2024? 

By 2025, the web hosting industry is expected to attain a value of $216 billion. The viability of a hosting reseller business depends on your ability to adapt to changes, your marketing efforts, and your customer acquisition and retention. 

Reseller hosting allows companies or individuals to start a web hosting business without managing or owning their servers. A reseller buys hosting resources from a parent company and then resells them to their customers. They can customize plans to cater to different customer requirements. The parent host typically offers white-label solutions so the reseller can provide services under that brand and increase trust.

The reseller can offer multiple plans with different amounts of bandwidth and disk space. They can choose to offer email accounts and domain names. A website will need about 5GB of bandwidth per month for an average size of 50KB per page, five pages, and 20,000 visitors per month. You can use this as the basis to customize your packages.

Some reseller hosting providers also offer billing and customer support. This can be a good way to set your offerings apart from the competition. As of 2024, 80% of businesses expect to compete based on customer experience.

Reseller hosting can be viable when the parent host charges a wholesale rate, allowing you to determine your profit margin and pricing strategy. Your profits depend on the markup. Some resellers’ margins are in the range of 50-70%, especially if they offer extra services to add value.

Once you have established a customer base, you’ll earn passive income from these customers’ subscription fees. Consider including VPS services in your reseller hosting package to drive your bottom line further. These services come with high-quality servers and additional features.

If your profit is only a few dollars per customer per month, you can scale to higher numbers to increase your returns. According to a 2023 study by Startup Genome, only a tenth of startups are successful in scaling. However, companies that scaled up successfully saw average revenue growth of up to 60%, according to a survey by McKinsey. It’s crucial to work on scaling your business in the competitive reseller hosting niche. 

Reseller hosting strategies that work 

Decide between a flat rate or tiered pricing of your reseller hosting services based on the number of resources used or the number of websites hosted. Consider SEO, web design, email marketing, and other value-added services to differentiate yourself from other resellers.

Look for a parent host with competitive rates and good customer support. Consider security, server uptime, backup and recovery, user interface, and scalability. Look for ratings and reviews from other customers to gauge their reliability and reputation. 

Your reseller plans should factor in how many websites you want to host, the level of technical support, and the amount of disk space and bandwidth needed. Look for features such as one-click app installation and control panel access. 

Create a unique name and logo for your reseller business, and don’t overlook the importance of a professionally designed website. Include information about your prices and plan features, some form of support, and contact information. You can add a blog to share updates and news about your business.

Promote your services via SEO, email marketing, social media, and paid ads. You could offer discounts, free trials, or referral programs to attract new clients; these approaches also work to keep existing ones. Track your marketing efforts and monitor outcomes to see if any of the above reseller hosting strategies need adjusting.

In sum:

  • How reseller hosting works
  • How to choose a parent host
  • What to include in your packages
  • Turning a profit
  • Bandwidth, disk space, and other technical aspects
  • Value-added services
  • Marketing and incentives
Published: May 23, 2024

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