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Ready-Made Website or Individually Developed? Pros & Cons

By: Paul Medea


Important Things to Do Before Designing Your Website

The question, “Which is a better option to create a website: a ready-made version or an individual development?” stands before the entrepreneur in 90% of cases. The differences between the options are noticeable, but all cases are different, and in each case the choice will depend on the task and available resources.

Below we will compare the two options and explain when it is better to order an individual development, and when you can choose a ready-made solution.

Pros and cons of developing an individual project


  • The design will be unique. No competitor will have a closely similar project.
  • Custom ecommerce development is always valued higher, it is more thoughtful and allows you to minimize contact with a potential buyer before completing the target action on the site, in other words, it has improved usability.
  • Everything that you think of will be embodied in the project, using popular CMS platforms like magento development and more. All chips, tools and functionality that will be announced. You can do anything, including some complex or specialized elements that are specific to a particular project.
  • In this case, there will be no excess functionality. The project will have exactly what you wrote in the terms of reference, without frills that can make the site heavier and more complicated.


  • The high cost of the project.  And even if you attract a small studio from the region, the cost will be significantly higher than if you chose a ready-made solution.
  • You can run into scammers. Web development is a specific area in which clients actually do not understand, and there is a risk of pleasing scammers who simply recolor the finished solution, swap blocks, screw in a couple of features and pass it off as an individual development, rolling out a hefty price tag.
  • Development will last at least 2 months. The point is not only in the work of programmers, but also in multiple approvals.
  • There is a risk of getting a low-quality old-fashioned design. If a weak designer works in your chosen studio, then you are unlikely to get a cool product. The difficulty is that it is technically difficult to describe the design.

What is a “turnkey solution?”

A ready-made solution is understood as a fully formed project, made according to the theme and in the most appropriate style. That is, a ready-made website or online store with design, functions and test content according to the chosen topic. For example, an online shoe store. It already has a built-in catalog that can be edited, shopping cart functions, perhaps some other features and marketing tools, information pages, demo content. It remains only to pay for it, set it up and fill it with your goods and content. And the store is ready to go. No need to wait until development is done.

Advantages of the ready-made solution:  

  • Fast start. Since the store is already ready, you can start working in just a few days. The speed here will depend on how quickly the content will be loaded on the site.
  • Due to this speed, this option will be less expensive than individual development. If the project and budget are small, then you can start working with such a ready-made solution. Please note that in any case, additional costs for hosting, configuration and license of the CMS system will be required.
  • You can see the whole picture right away. The design will not be an unpleasant surprise. Let it be simple, but the usability and functionality will definitely work and be tested on other projects.
  • Since a ready-made solution is initially created as a universal one, it usually contains quite extensive functionality. In 90% of cases, this is an advantage, but it happens that the functionality is redundant for a specific project, and then it turns into a minus.
  • There are a lot of ready-made solutions, there are plenty to choose from.

The solution also has some downsides:

  • The universality of the solution is not always good. You may not be able to implement some additional ideas and functionality, or you can, but lose updates.
  • It is not always easy to choose a ready-made solution for a specific business, and then decide on the necessary blocks and functionality.
  • Ready-made solutions are similar to each other. And there is an option that a competitor will have a very similar project.
  • An excess of functionality due to the fact that ready-made solutions are initially made universal. As a result, the site can be heavy and complex.
  • It may turn out that the purchased ready-made solution does not implement everything that is in the latest version of the engine, that is, the site will lag behind trends and, possibly, competitors.

When is a ready-made solution suitable? 

The offer can be used in two cases:

  • When it is necessary to save budget and time, as well as to minimize the potential risks associated with individual development: thinking through design and functionality, choosing a developer. These are the most important advantages of the ready-made solution.
  • When you need to quickly start at least in some mode. That is, a ready-made solution is taken as a temporary measure. Suppose we launch an online store that starts working and makes a profit, and after, say, one or two years, we already understand what we lack in terms of functionality and how the design is seen, and, accordingly, we order individual development. 

You should not choose a ready-made solution when:

  1. If you are not completely satisfied with the universality of the solution, and you plan to refine something yourself. In this case, you will no longer be able to use updates, bug fixes, and the introduction of new features into a ready-made solution.
  2. If you do not fully understand the cost structure when buying a turnkey solution and how it works. 

So what to choose?

Start from the budget and time that is available to create a project. 

If you have the funds, then, of course, it is better to order an individual site in accordance with your terms of reference, clearly with the necessary functionality and the desired design. Also, the option will be appropriate if you have good proven developers and specialists who understand web projects. An individual project is ordered in cases where some specific or complex technological solutions are needed. Let development from scratch take longer and cost more, but the result is several times better, and the project will be unique, tailored to your tasks. 

If you don’t want to delve into the intricacies of web development, a small budget is available, you don’t want to take risks or contact freelance developers, or a rented store doesn’t suit you for some reason, then you should still opt for a ready-made solution.

Published: November 21, 2022

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