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Top 5 Business Video Conferencing Platforms of 2013

By: Scott Resnick


We have entered into the age of video communication, and almost every professional will agree, it’s a beautiful era! Less travel, less money, less time wasted during the traverse from meeting to meeting and best of all, a heightened level of communication and efficiency! For those who have yet to dive into the fun, here are the top 5 video conferencing platforms of 2013.

1. NEC SV8100
The ultimate video conference and communication solution on the market is the easy-to-use NEC SV8100 digital phone system. Designed for small to medium sized businesses, this communications system is inundated with seamless integration that boasts having the highest quality voice and reliability available. Swap your standard set-up for a the NEC SV8100, which intuitively blends all forms of communication internally and externally including business IP devices like mobiles, PDAs and soft phones, all over one network.
2. Blue Jeans
This cloud-based video conferencing solution has a reputation for being both highly secure and inter-operational. Blue Jeans works with a wide selection of business video conferencing systems, including PC, Mac, videoconference room systems and mobile devices. With this level of security and usability, meeting coordination across all platforms is easy and quick to set up.
3. GoToMeeting
One of the great benefits to using GoToMeeting for business conferences and training is its simplicity. Scheduling and coordination is fast and easy even for the non-IT user and meetings can be hosted or attended via a computer or mobile device. Share files, chat and meet with up to six participants at a time.
4. Cisco Webex Mobile
Built for business professionals on the move, Cisco Webex Mobile is an Apple or Android app that turns you mobile device into your window to communication. Schedule, host and attend meetings with the tap of a finger. Share files in real-time, video conference with up to 5 people and access meetings by simply answering your phone. Meetings can also be recorded and replayed for later viewing.
5. Fusebox
Unlike other mobile conferencing solutions, this meeting provider boasts HD quality video for mobile access. Participants launch an application through their device’s Internet browser for seamless connectability for up to 12 people. And with scalable video codec, each participant’s stream is encoded in a different resolution to provide optimal connectivity results.
With so many options to choose from, it’s difficult to decide which platform is best for your business meetings. But one thing is for certain; you can’t afford not to embrace the video communication trend. Many platforms offer a trial version that will allow users to take the service for a test drive. It’s important to keep in mind that with the exception of the SV8100, which exists on a completely different level than the rest, a strong Internet connection is necessary to send and receive a quality video stream and software must be up-to-date in order for these products to work properly. Each video conference platform has its perks and much of your decision will depend on who will be using the technology, how they plan to use it and how often.
This article was originally published by TTI Houston
Published: September 19, 2013

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