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Is My Business Phone System Secure?

By: Scott Resnick


In the modern business world with so much of our technology based on the Internet, it is easy to become concerned with the security of private business communications.

Stories are posted on news sites periodically about businesses who have suffered from hacking, eavesdropping, and wire tapping from aggressive competitors or secure data communications that are breached due to poor protocol.
This news is distressing for anyone in business, especially if your contracts are at a critical state or involve sensitive information that is required to be kept private. Therefore, it is important to examine the level of security that your business phone system provides.
Understanding Security Issues
If you are concerned that your business phone system security has been breached, or you want to prevent a security issue before it happens, you are not alone. Business security has become a top issue for communication companies worldwide. Whether a security breach such as hacking comes from without or within a company, it is an apex of concern for your organization. Security breaches can damage reputations as well as cause a loss of business opportunities.
Potential Security Threats
1. Phone Hackers
The Internet has made it easier for savvy hackers to access secure phone and data communications. While it may be a prank for the hacker, corporations are not laughing. Proprietary information needs to be kept secure from competitors and potential industrial terrorists. In addition to specific hacking, there are general attacks that come from the Internet that can impact your communications.
2. Eavesdropping
Eavesdropping is another issue that can crop up with a multi-user communication system. Co-workers can discover company secrets that they do not have security clearance to know. It is important to ensure that your communications system is not vulnerable to this type of sabotage, call interception, or fraud. Eavesdroppers can sometimes gain access to call history as well as current calls. This type of malicious behavior can cause monetary and other business losses.
3. Wire-tapping
Wire-tapping is an issue that crops up in the news here and again. It is a technology that can gain access to secure communications from outside of a facility. Sophisticated equipment can listen in on conversations that should be kept private. Sensitive information needs to be protected by a system that can alert and stop unauthorized intrusions.
Preventative Security Best Practices
To assist with securing phone and data communications, NEC offers best practices for users to avoid problems from Internet hackers or malicious Intranet users. The company provides a blueprint on how to set up firewalls, best configure the physical components of the communications system, how to avoid threats from eavesdropping, gathering of calling history, virus and malware attacks. By following the clear instructions outlined in the Univerge VoIP Security Best Practice document, your business phone system will be secure from attacks, threats and theft. In addition, levels of encryption can be used to protect sensitive conversations and data streams from unwanted access.
NEC has provided all of the documentation and instructions necessary to create a safe and secure working environment for your employees and executives. Using the VoIP system will not violate any need for privacy or security, and it will protect your company from security breach attempts from inside or outside. The security features of this unified communication system offer a sigh of relief for busy executives who need to implement security features. They know that this VoIP system is tailor-made for their secure telecommunications. You can relax and know that you are completely protected with this business phone system installed in your business.
This article was originally published by TTI Houston
Published: July 8, 2014

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