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6 Communications Tips for Managing Small Business Growth

By: Scott Resnick


Your small business is growing, congratulations! However, your changing business can pose some interesting and new challenges, especially in terms of success management. One key to properly facilitating growth is having the right unified communications and VoIP system in place but selecting the right product offering can be difficult. Check out these 6 tips to help develop the perfect phone system to match your growing small business’s needs:

1. Create a Business Directory

The dynamics of a large office can greatly differ from your days as a startup. In order to manage increasing levels of demand you will probably hire new employees. However, without proper management your work place environment and customer service could suffer. Consider creating a business directory through your phone system. A business directory could be beneficial for inquiring leads, current customers, and for internal purposes. Organizing your company is an easy to navigate index will allow for a smoother transition as you build your business.

2. Implement A Call Workflow

A growing business most likely means a growing number of calls that are coming into your office. If you do not have a plan in place for managing a greater number of calls to your office phone systems, it can lead to customer service problems and internal stress. A good workflow will let people at your company know how to manage all kinds of incoming phone calls.

3. Research Update Capabilities

Whether you purchase or lease your phones, the scalability of your system should always be a deciding factor. Updates are an easy way to transition your company and manage your small business growth. These types of VoIP upgrades can be done via air transfer or by using a USB connection. Typically, updates offer the newest features so your business can run as smoothly as possible.

4. Implement IP Video Door Phone

Door phone videos are a great way to improve your communication with customers and make sure that you are able to monitor all the important parts of your office. An IP door phone connects to your phone system via a PoE data switch. Employees can easily have two-way conversations with visitors using their office phone. Also, users can view the visitor by using a DR-viewer application on their computer.

5. Implement Workplace Training

Switching to a new phone system or upgrading your current software can sometimes require staff training. Both new and existing employees would benefit from an instructional demo of the latest products that offers a walkthrough of how to navigate their features. Workshops also offer a unique opportunity to understand user issues and identify possible opportunities for improvement. Seamlessly transition your staff members to ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible.

6. Look Into Additional Phone Accessories

There are several types of hardware that can be used to make your phone system more efficient. For example, you might consider getting headsets or mobile devices that will allow your employees to move around during calls for multitasking purposes. The right equipment gives your team members mobility, something that is critical for a growing small business.

With the right kind of unified communications and VoIP system, a growing small business will be able to get more done and handle the expansion process. Your phone system can offer a unique means of managing your business while staying current on the latest trends.

This article was originally published by TTI Houston

Published: September 11, 2014

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