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5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Rely on NEC VoIP Phone Systems

By: Scott Resnick


Small businesses need to be able to reduce overhead while embracing new technology that supports mobility and communication if they want to gain and maintain a lead position within the marketplace. While this combination of new-age necessities seems like it might be difficult to achieve, especially when budgets are already tight, there are affordable solutions available to assist in achieving these goals. Here are 5 reasons small businesses should rely on a NEC VoIP phone system as their first step to achieving modern-day success.

1. Reduced Cost & Overhead
Cost is always a high priority when considering new business investments. But the need to embrace innovative technology is irrefutable. Fortunately for small businesses, the NEC VoIP phone system can make solving this riddle a cinch. In addition to reduced long distance calling, Internet hosted phones like the NEC VoIP cost less to set up and maintain because voice and data traffic is managed by a single, simplified network.
2. Portability
Traditional phone systems work from a dedicated line, which means that users can’t move their phone to another location without the phone’s provider getting involved in what sometimes turns out to be a long and complicated process. With the NEC VoIP phone system, phone numbers exists virtually, which means they can follow the phone wherever you take it. And the features you’ll grow accustomed to using also follow suit, like call logs, voicemail access, and security functions.  
3. Integration
VoIP phone systems collaborate with emails, web browsers, instant messenger and social networking applications to enhance the user experience by providing access to a number of tools that help to foster an increase in productivity. For example, employees can receive voice messages via email or can place a phone call with the click of a mouse, negating the need to constantly switch from one platform to the next in order to complete their duties.
4. User Control
User-driven phone system customization is another high-priority perk to the NEC VoIP phone system. Adjusting and tailoring details like call forwarding numbers, speed dial preferences, presence information or on-hold options can be done without the help of the system provider by simply logging in to a web GUI and making the changes to the account.
5. Enterprise Rich Features
In the past, features like click-to-call web interaction; selective call forwarding and personalized ring tones or simultaneous rings on multiple phones were features only achievable at the enterprise phone system level. But with the NEC VoIP phone system, rich features such as these are now available to small business operations, allowing them to be more competitive.
The bottom line is, unlike conventional phone systems that required a large investment up front, NEC VoIP phone systems entail only a fraction of that cost, making them a perfect fit for small businesses watching their budgets. By making the switch, your small business is receiving big tools that will cut back on overhead, streamline and simplify responsibilities, allow for movement within your workforce and enable you to control and use enterprise level features that don’t come standard with the out-of-date dedicated line phone systems. For small businesses, the decision is simple. 
This article was originally published by TTI Houston
Published: October 9, 2013

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