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Four Expected Software Testing Trends to Keep in Mind for 2022

By: Usman Raza


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The world of online businesses is expanding rapidly and is giving birth to the latest challenges in the software industry. The consistent pressure to provide the correct product to customers and scaling production depends entirely upon quality assurance teams and development.

Businesses know the significance of quality control, and they must be kept updated regarding the current software testing trends. This encompasses industry best practices. In addition to this, quality assurance analysts encounter a huge number of problems while keeping pace with the way technologies and industries are evolving. 

Keeping this scenario in mind, we present to you a list of the four  predicted software testing trends that are expected to rule 2022.

Security Is the Utmost Concern 

The technology industry is expanding rapidly; the quantity of information also keeps rising. This gives security testing an utmost significance for companies that are aware of the data flow and eliminate code errors and leaks. In other words, security testing is very cost-effective when executed at an early stage.

Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in Automation Testing 

According to experts, the utilization of artificial intelligence will continue to expand in innovative technologies because of the increasing number of apps that are being used in a connected world. It has been predicted that investment in AI will reach $7 billion in North America. On the contrary, the worldwide investment in AI has been predicted to reach $200 billion. This is the result of constantly evolving quantities of data used in software apps.

Software testing companies can leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance their automation methodologies and keep pace with everyday releases. For example, quality assurance engineers can incorporate AI algorithms to determine the scope of automation testing. Furthermore, an AI-powered testing app can elevate test suites by identifying dismissed test cases and guaranteeing maximum test coverage.

Adopting DevOps and Agile

Digital testing is becoming increasingly popular. This is expected to continue in 2022. The main reason is ever-changing business frameworks and the acceptance of QA automation tools. The companies should look for the latest methodologies and implement them that decrease delivery time.

DevOps removes the restrictions among operations, development and testing to:

  •         Enhance deployment speed
  •         Decrease time to market
  •         Promote greater Return on Investment (RoI)

Likewise, the best software testing companies also fortify the communication between QA teams and developmental teams in continuous integration or continuous delivery pipeline. The quality of the test increases the demand, releases and modifications in the project. This brings an increase in the execution of automation testing and QA outsourcing to other software testing companies.

QA Automation Is Significant  

Test automation will continue to gain popularity in the future as well. The procedure of continuous delivery is not going to be possible in the absence of automation testing. Bugs and defects are detected at a faster speed in an agile environment. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that the QA process is made efficient via test automation.

As per the continuous delivery approach, continuous testing infers that quality assurance can do the following things.

  •         Access
  •         Evaluate
  •         Modify

This will assist to show the risks linked with new releases before how they impact the customers. Quality Assurance automation allows QA to attain the anticipated test outcomes. They will allow quality checks at every stage of the software development lifecycle.


To attain a perfect market fit, companies should concentrate on quality and depend upon experts coordinating with offshore software testing companies. The services assist you to look for resources and skillful QA engineers that have sufficient knowledge regarding Apple technologies. It is predicted that there will be a rise in independent testing soon. Therefore, it is best to concentrate more on customer experience and create it on the DevOps and agile best practices.

Published: December 3, 2021

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