Leadership Lessons I Learned From Sports

Male coach standing on field watching team

Today I want to share some of the biggest leadership lessons I’ve learned from the world of sports that you can bring to your teams. One of the reasons that people love professional sports so much is that they are such a perfect window into the rest of our lives. All the pressures and challenges…

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Level Up Your Entrepreneurial Leadership Team Meetings

employees enjoying a team meeting

How many countless meetings have you been in that seemed to have no clear purpose, no agenda (or the agenda was hijacked), ran too long, and left you feeling like you just wasted precious time? As an entrepreneur, you and your team must be making the best use of your time together each week –…

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Transforming Your Vision Into Reality

a team using planning strategies to make their visions a reality

CEOs and founders often have their sights set on the future, envisioning possibilities for their organizations through visionary leadership, strategic planning, and effective goal setting. However, turning these dreams into reality requires more than innovative thinking; it demands a clear path forward. For you to become a Visionary, transforming your vision into reality becomes more…

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8 Types of Team Habits. How Does Your Own Team Stack Up?

I’ve spent the past 15 years coaching and training countless work teams. And no matter the nature of the team or the organization, I can tell you one thing for certain: When problems arise in a team, those problems rarely—if ever—lie with the individuals in the team. Why? Because the problems actually rest with how the…

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8 Tips to Create Your Business’s A-Team

a business team bond at lunch

A cohesive team is the lifeblood of a successful business, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or working with a smaller team. When it comes to new and scaled-down dynamics, the relationships between team members has the potential to either make or break the system. Making your version of an A-Team simply means putting together a…

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Developers: How to Choose the Right Team Format

a group of developers working together

If you decide to launch a web service or application, but you do not have developers, then you will inevitably face the question of hiring them on staff or finding an outsourcing studio. But there is another compromise solution – to work with a cross-functional service such as an offshore software development solution from Turnkey…

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Creating an A-Team to Take Your Business to Higher Levels

man and two women working on project

Creating an A-Team is critical for any business that wants to take things to the next level. You can achieve great things when you have a team of talented and experienced individuals working together. But what does it take to put together an A-Team? This blog post will discuss some key factors in putting together…

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Why Your Startup Needs A Full Stack Development Team

a team of full stack developers

As a founder, you fully believe in your product and the value it is meant to add up to the world. That’s how startups hatch. Entering the business lifecycle they usually lack an intricate business model and, crucial one, proper financing.  Turning for funding, the entrepreneurs must prove that the product will be developed right,…

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7 Team-Building Ideas for Remote Workers

If you’ve embraced the many advantages of running a remote team, you probably realize team building can be a challenge. Those who choose to work remotely often enjoy the solitude and prefer to not be bothered with meetings. However, the freelancer or work-from-home life can also be quite lonely at times. When everyone works together…

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